About Us

Choices Flooring is Australia’s most progressive flooring retailer, with over 140 stores across the country.

We understand that purchasing flooring is a big decision which is why we continually evolve our in-store and online experience to ensure we help you find the floor you've been searching for.

Our Story

Like many modern success stories, the Choices Flooring group can be traced back to humble beginnings.

Early in 1959, a small group of independent Victorian furniture retailers met to discuss the possibility of forming an association to maximise the effectiveness of their business in the face of increased competition from large, franchised organisations.

As a result of this initial meeting, Newfurn Floor Coverings Ltd was formed.

Over thirty years later in 1993, they launched the Carpet Choice brand with 17 stores in Victoria. Since then, after a further brand update, Choices Flooring has rapidly grown to include more than 140 stores across Australia, arguably becoming Australia’s most progressive retail floor coverings group and a major force in the Australian retail sector.

A Changing Landscape

Within a short space of time, the flooring landscape has changed dramatically and carpet has become only one of a myriad of choices now available to customers.

Based on the success of the ‘Renovator Boom’, Australians now look for alternate floor coverings to suit their needs, taste and style.

Our Commitment To You

The brand change from Carpet Choice to Choices Flooring didn’t just signal a change to the name and logo, but it also reflected what is at the heart of our promise to you - to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for.

We understand that you seek more than just a floor covering; you seek a holistic approach to achieving the style that’s right for your lifestyle. Embracing technological advances, our new store layouts and user-friendly content, is helping us ensure we don’t just meet, but exceed these expectations.

It’s an exciting phase in the life of our business and we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best in flooring choices.

Our Partners

Choices Flooring are proud to be associated with the following partners to help our customers find the floor they’ve been searching for:





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