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Add A Rug And Transform Your Room

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Author: Choices Flooring | Posted on: January 15, 2014 | Posted in: Design & Inspiration, Featured on Homepage


When people think of rugs, they often think of grand castles from hundreds of years ago or the old musty home their grandparents live in. Although rugs may seem old fashioned, when the right rug is chosen and used correctly, it can be a great statement piece, as well as adding insulation to the room. Choices Flooring has an extensive selection of rugs that are modern, stylish and affordable.

A rug is a great standout piece for a room. An important thing to remember when choosing a rug is the room it will go in. What is the current colour scheme? Do you have tiles or timber flooring? If the room is quite plain, choose something that is bright and will stand out, like a fire engine hue. If the room is quite busy, then go for something more subtle, like a patterned rug in browns and creams. A rug can add that finishing touch a room is missing.

Another good reason to get a rug is to insulate the room. Usually, people add a rug to a room containing tiles or timber. These flooring types are known for being quite cold in winter, but if you add a rug or two in the room, it will not only feel soft and warm on your feet, but will also insulate the room during the colder months.

Choices Flooring has a wide range of rugs in colours and sizes to suit any room. Whether you need an electric blue piece for a cream room, or something in a more subtle hue for a room already filled with colour, Choices Flooring can help. To find out more, contact a Choices Flooring professional or visit one of our many stores across the country.

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