When it comes to setting the foundation for your space, we understand there is a lot to consider when it comes to flooring. So we’ve broken it down into five simple steps, to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for.

Step 1: Determine the amount and location of the flooring you need.

Master Bedroom:5 Lineal metres = 18 square metres

Kids Bedroom:4 Lineal metres = 15 square metres

Bedroom/Study:3 Lineal metres = 11 square metres

Lounge:5 Lineal metres = 18 square metres

Dining:4 Lineal metres = 15 square metres

Kitchen:4 Lineal metres = 15 square metres

Family Room:5 Lineal metres = 18 square metres

These measures are based on average room sizes and will obviously vary from home to home.

Step 2: Think about your lifestyle and what you need from your flooring.

Whether you have kids and/or pets or just want flooring for an investment or rental property, these factors can determine your selection based on durability, price, style or all of these factors.

Step 3: Select the type and style of flooring you would like.

View our flooring types and discover the styles you like the best.

Twist, Textured, Loop, Plush

Luxury Vinyl
Plank, Tile, Sheet

Hard Flooring
Timber, Bamboo, Laminate: 1 Strip, 2 Strip, 3 Strip, Multistrip

Polished, Matt, Lapparto, Gloss, Timber, Rock, Anti-slip

Your Choices Flooring consultant will be able to assist you in selecting the flooring type that best suits your lifestyle

Step 4: Determine how much you want to invest on your flooring purchase.

As a general rule, pricing for flooring is displayed and quoted in square metres (m²).
Some carpet pricing includes installation, whereas hard flooring, luxury vinyl and tiles do not.

If you know the number of square metres required for your home and have decided on an approximate price you would like to pay per square metre then you can then determine the cost: Example: 75 square metres at $50m² = $3,750

Flooring measurements explained
Hard flooring (timber, laminate, bamboo), luxury vinyl and tile flooring are priced in square metres (sqm) but sold by the carton. These prices do not include sub-floor preparation or installation.

Carpet can only be bought in lineal/broadloom metres which is generally 3.66 or 4 metres wide. However, as hard flooring, luxury vinyl and tiles are priced in square metres, carpet prices are generally converted to square metres so a comparison can be made between the flooring options.

Some carpets pricing includes installation, whereas hard flooring, luxury vinyl and tiles do not. Our flooring consultants can help clarify this for you.


Step 5: Select your colour tone.

As the colour of your new flooring will tie your room together, here are a few questions to keep in mind when selecting your colour tone:
What feeling do you want to create in your space?
What is the hero of your space?
What other colours will be in your space? Do you have a colour scheme in mind?

At most Choices Flooring consultants are trained in interior decoration, they understand colour and can assist you in narrowing down your options.

Once you have your final colour selections, borrow samples from your local Choices Flooring store and place these in your space. View these samples at different times of the day, so you have a good understanding of how light affects each colour tone.

This knowledge will assist you in being confident with making this final flooring decision.

What’s next?

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Choices Flooring consultant will work with you to finalise the details of your installation or product delivery.