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Choices Flooring Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brands

There has been a stunning transformation in the design aesthetics of Luxury Vinyl flooring in the last few years with the ability to replicate timber and stone looks by using advances photographic technologies. Luxury Vinyl is a perfect flooring choice for those wanting a hard flooring plank option, whether it be replicating a distressed or whitewashed timber look, stone, dark marble effect or just a plain tile option.

Select your luxury vinyl flooring

Understanding the vinyl flooring styles:


Sheet Vinyls

Luxury vinyl sheet are large rolls of patterned vinyl. Perfect for high traffic areas, luxury vinyl sheet is popular with commercial areas as it is easy to install and is a cost effective solution to get the look of hard flooring or tile surfaces for less.


Plank Vinyls

Luxury vinyl planks are planked versions of sheet vinyl. Luxury vinyl plank flooring easily replicates other forms of flooring, such as tiles, marble and hard flooring. There are different kinds of finishes which can be applied to vinyl plank, increasing their durability. One of the most commonly used finishes is the coating of satin urethane which prevents dirt and scratches on the floor. Today luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for homeowners because of its resistant properties, luxurious feel and fashionable designs.


Tile Vinyls

Luxury vinyl tiles are favored in high traffic areas because they are durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Luxury vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be regularly refinished with chemical strippers and mechanical buffing equipment if required. When properly installed, vinyl tiles can be easily removed and replaced when damaged. Our luxury vinyl tiles come in a variety of styles that very closely resemble wood, stone, terrazzo, and concrete. If you're looking for something with a designer edge, luxury vinyl tiles can easily be cut and assembled into contemporary patterns.

Vinyl flooring measurements explained

Luxury vinyl can only be bought by the carton, however is priced by the square metre to make it easy to compare with other flooring options.

Vinyl flooring pricing in store

Luxury vinyl is priced by the square metre, but sold by the carton; these prices do not include sub-floor preparation or installation.

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