Family Friendly – Style meets Functionality

The Plantino Laminates manufactured by Premium Floors exude class and quality. Their Endurance and Aqua ranges feature textures and functionality that has become popular amongst homeowners who want the look of real timber without the price tag.

Nowadays, laminate flooring is nearly impossible to tell apart from the material it’s meant to be mimicking. Whether that material is timber or tile, the imitation is so good that visitors to your house will likely never know the difference — allowing it to be your
little secret.

The Plantino Laminate Endurance range features extra-long wide panels with ten designs to choose from. The subtle colour variations between the planks deliver an exquisite natural effect. The Plantino Laminate Aqua range features a fully waterproof surface covering, making it ideal for those areas of the home where there is a risk of wet spills.

Both ranges require little maintenance and are highly resistant to anything a busy family can throw at it.


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