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The best hard flooring for kids and pets

Its scratch resistance will challenge the best of any bey blade or skating competition in the home, plus it  will look as new as the day it was installed.

Our hybrid flooring is second to none when it comes to a timber flooring alternative.  The replica timber species are available in over 60 beautiful designs, from golden hues of spotted gum to the more rustic look of blackbutt.

Unlike some hard flooring options, the biggest decision you will need to make when deciding on choosing from the Abode Collection is whether you install it through the entire house or compliment it with a carpet for extra warmth and softness. 

So, if your household enjoys hours of ‘next level’ playtime, rest assured that your flooring will be the ‘winner’ of even the rowdiest playdates, including ones that have your four legged friends in attendance.

Abode Hybrid flooring’s Lifetime Wear Warranty makes this choice in flooring one for those households with high and heavy foot traffic, including skateboards, roller skates and anything and everything that involves toy wheels!

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