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RoomView – The perfect way to choose your rug

‘RoomView was a fantastic tool to use for the selection of my new rug. I saw an Insta post for a rug sale at Choices Flooring and clicked straight through to RoomView. I played around with RoomView looking at different rugs in my lounge (coming back to it a couple of times during the day) and finally landing on Argentina Penrose. Processing the order was quite simple. I requested to pick the rug up from my local Choices Flooring store and the following Saturday I picked it up and the rug was perfectly positioned in my lounge room an hour later. I am so happy with it!’.
Suzi, Melbourne


No longer do you need to take the rug home to see if it fits.  With a simple room image upload to RoomView and you can see the right sized rug for your room without having to leave the home!
Additionally, the rug can be moved around the room. 

So, whether it is a table or bed, or lounge suite, the rug can be placed under exactly where you want it and can be rotated horizontal or vertically.

RoomView is the perfect tool in providing peace of mind when shopping for a rug – without having to leave home.

See a new rug in your home today – obligation free and fun to use.