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Pet Friendly Tips

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My kids and I had been desperate to get a puppy for years but our old house wasn’t suitable for a dog, so we’d always told them when we got a new house we’d get a new puppy. And I admit, as soon as the frames went up on that new house I started searching for our third family member before the paint had even gone on!

The plan was to move into the house and then get the puppy. Well, that was my husbands plan at least. Little did he know I’d found the most beautiful dog who was having a litter and we’d been promised one, so all our plans went out the window. We brought home our gorgeous little ‘Bessie’ right before we moved in. Talk about piling on the pressure! A new house which I wanted to keep pristine and a new puppy that wasn’t toilet or house trained. Eeek!


I’d already been warned by well meaning people that dogs could scratch floors, chew furniture and pee on carpets, but I wasn’t fazed. I believe a house should be a home so a few scratches or spills wouldn’t be the end of the world. However, I do want my house to look as good as possible, so it’s all about how you deal with those accidents that matters.

We decided to put carpet only the main bedroom, with both messy puppy and messy children in mind, and the plan was that the dog wouldn’t go in there. Ha! Are you getting the sense that we don’t really stick to plans?! That little dog well and truly ran the joint from the moment she came into it and most definitely goes in the bedroom (lets not even talk about the no sleeping on beds rule.) So there have been a few spills along the way, but as long as you get to them quickly with a micro-fibre cloth and blot the stain they come out pretty easily. I am also going to steam clean the carpets every six months to get out any stains you miss along the way.


However, when it comes to the rest of the house the Plantino Engineered Oak floors have been a dream and I haven’t noticed any scratches she’s made. Spills can be quickly wiped up and now the toilet training days are over I can happily say the floorboards coped with it beautifully. Bessie does shed hair however a quick go over with the stick vacuum deals with that.

Having said that, if you have a lot of pets and are worried about scratches and spills I think your best flooring choice would be luxury vinyl. It’s so hardwearing and totally waterproof, so it would definitely be the easiest option for animal lovers. And with the range now available in luxury vinyl your home can be both stylish and durable, and who doesn’t want that?

Whichever flooring you chose, I think the love of a pet is totally worth the occasional spill and scratch. Just make sure you always have a micro-fibre cloth handy and keep those toe nails clipped!

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