What makes Vinyl Flooring inexpensive?

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive floor covering that is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms of residential homes in Australia. Vinyl is a man-made material that is manufactured from petroleum. It is robust and sturdy as it is composed of polyvinyl chloride and various types of plasticizers. Vinyl flooring is produced in solid sheets that are cut into strips for luxury vinyl flooring as well as vinyl floor tiles. Some vinyl composition tiles are also used for commercial flooring applications.

What is Vinyl Wood Flooring?

Vinyl wood flooring refers to vinyl that has been crafted through printing with colours and markings to simulate and represent the natural hardwood look. With recent advances in technology, there is now an increased ability to recreate the look of a variety of wood floors with great options. Choices Flooring stocks exclusive vinyl flooring brands including Abode, Genero and Karndean.

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl wood flooring is designed to simulate the look of hardwood without the price tag of a hardwood timber floor. There are two key types of vinyl flooring – printing and solid. Printed materials have an extra layer that is invisible to the untrained eye. That invisible layer is designed to add an extra layer of protection to the vinyl flooring.

A printed vinyl floor that is well looked after and maintained accordingly will last for up to 20 years. The longevity of a flooring type such as vinyl is determined by the thickness of the floor type.

Solid vinyl colours are true through the depth of the material meaning that the surface can be scratched or show wear and tear and it will not have a major impact as it would on a printed flooring type.

A vinyl wood floor is a printed representation of what the actual material is and therefore offers a wider array of colours and styles.

Versatility of Vinyl Wood Floors

The surface of vinyl hardwood flooring is a printed representation of the natural wood look. This is why the appearance of virtually any wooden vinyl flooring can be achieved with vinyl flooring.

One of the really big benefits of a vinyl wooden floor is that you can add a layer of padding which will allow for the look of a hardwood floor to be achieved with comfort of a softer underfoot.

Vinyl Flooring Buying Tips

When buying vinyl hardwood floors, remember they are synthetic and repel against moisture and humidity making them great for climates that are prone to humid conditions. Be sure to choose a vinyl flooring that uses high quality adhesives and will not be damaged by excessive water. Ask your flooring sales person about the adhesives so you are comfortable the product is ideal to the climate where the Vinyl floors will be installed.

Also, smell the vinyl flooring prior to purchasing. Lower quality vinyl floors can often emit a smell as they are manufactured from petroleum. This smell can cause discomfort to those with allergies and something to be aware of. Where possible, ask for vinyl floorings that are eco-friendly as being environmentally friendly should always be a consideration.