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As Australia’s leading flooring retailer, we continually embrace technological advances and product developments that ensure we stay true to our promise – to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for.
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First Impressions: How to Decorate Your Home’s Entryway
It’s not until people enter your home that they really start to feel something toward the space. The external appearance of your house might give the dwelling kerb appeal, but nothing evokes mood and feeling like an interior does. This is why the entryway is so important; it acts as your home’s first impression, not... Read more »
Organised Interiors for Families
Let’s face it, once we have children our homes may get more loving and joyful – but also more chaotic and messy! Interior decorator, Tahn Scoon, shares her tips on creating an organised, family-friendly home… Custom Cabinetry Bespoke built-in cabinetry is often the most effective way to deal with storage needs. For a clean, streamlined... Read more »
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Tips for cleaning up after pets
We’ve talked about cleaning up after your kids, but what about the ‘other kids’ – your pets. Those little fur balls we love so much but create so much mess, often resulting in more disorder and chaos than our children! Understanding how to clean up any mess they leave behind can be crucial for those... Read more »
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The ultimate cleaning guide for mums
As a parent, cleaning is a daily job. From vacuuming and sweeping to cleaning up spills and getting rid of stains, there isn’t a spill a mother hasn’t had to compete with! But knowing what to do when your baby throws food or your dog pees on the floor isn’t all about instinct. Sometimes you... Read more »