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Choices Flooring Media Studio The Designers Choice - Design your space to win
Australia’s love of the outdoors has leading stylists choosing the Plantino Collection
Australia’s leading stylists have teamed up with national flooring retailer, Choices Flooring to represent their exclusive Plantino Collection. With Australian’s love of the outdoors, there is a strong movement towards integrating more natural wood tones throughout the home. With their finger on the pulse, Choices Flooring created their exclusive Plantino Collection, and ever since it... Read more »
How to make your small room feel larger in 7 easy steps
Your home is your haven. With growing populations focused around city centres, rising property prices and busy lives, many people are moving into smaller homes and units. But a small space doesn’t have to feel that way! With the right foundation and décor, your smaller home can feel like a luxurious mansion. Using our instructographic... Read more »
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Tips for cleaning up after pets
We’ve talked about cleaning up after your kids, but what about the ‘other kids’ – your pets. Those little fur balls we love so much but create so much mess, often resulting in more disorder and chaos than our children! Understanding how to clean up any mess they leave behind can be crucial for those... Read more »
The ultimate cleaning guide for mums - header v2
The ultimate cleaning guide for mums
As a parent, cleaning is a daily job. From vacuuming and sweeping to cleaning up spills and getting rid of stains, there isn’t a spill a mother hasn’t had to compete with! But knowing what to do when your baby throws food or your dog pees on the floor isn’t all about instinct. Sometimes you... Read more »
Why Choices Flooring?
Why Choices Flooring?
When it comes to choosing the right floor for you and your lifestyle, there are so many reasons why you can't go past Choices Flooring. Here are just a few: Australia's leading flooring retailer: We're an Australian company that has…
Read more »
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