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Nothing adds visual warmth and comfort like a carpet.  It brings with it a softness that is hard to beat and forms an excellent base layer to any room.  And with the latest fibres and textures that technology allows, carpet is a perfect flooring solution for any home décor and lifestyle.

Whether your choice is natural wool, or a selection from the nylon and triextra fibres where stain resistance and colour vibrancy is the key factor, carpet will always provide for a soft landing and years of enjoyment.

  • Make sure you choose a good quality underlay when you purchase your carpet. Not only will it provide extra comfort and bounce underfoot, it will also extend the life of your carpet for many years.

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Looking for Tips - Choices FlooringHow to select your perfect colour tone

When it comes to selecting carpet colours, you are spoilt. Our range is inspiring and extensive which makes choosing just one carpet colour all the more difficult. Before you start, it’s a good idea to sit in the room you’re putting flooring in and think about how a carpet colour will work there.
For instance, you may want to choose carpet colours that complement your furnishings, or one that works well with your paint or wallpaper colours. In some cases, you may even want the carpet colour to become the main feature of the room.
Here are some tips to help you choose a carpet colour with confidence:

• Deep, rich colours warm up a space and encourage conversation
• Cool crisp colours create freshness and space and promote relaxation
• Subdued colours or earth tones create a quieter mood
• Brighter colours have an energising effect
• Light colours open up a dark room creating a spacious, airy effect
• Bold colours and patterns are ideal to take the focus off furnishings
• Neutral colours shift the focus from flooring to furnishings
• Light colours soil easily, dark colours may lint, and medium colours are easier to clean

Understanding Styles - Choices FlooringUnderstanding Carpet Styles

Twist Carpets

Twist carpets are made with a twisted yarn that causes the pile to lie in different directions, giving a more textured appearance. Consider a twist carpet if you’re searching for a contemporary look and have a busy lifestyle. Twist carpets are also perfect for households with pets.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Hardwearing
  • Textured appearance

Loop Carpets

As the name suggests loop carpet is where the carpet pile forms a loop. The pile comes from the backing to its full height, forms a loop and returns to the backing. Loop carpets, which include Berber, provide a fashionable look to any room and don’t tend to show footprints as much as other carpet styles.


  • Durable
  • Hides footprints
  • Easy to maintain

Plush Carpets

Plush carpets are achieved where the loops are first cut and the tips of the loops sheared. Plush carpets have a luxurious feel underfoot and their high density pile will ensure many years of comfort. Plush carpets have a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming, which is regarded as a characteristic of the style and has no effect on the carpet performance.


  • Luxurious appearance
  • Perfect for formal areas
  • Soft to touch

Textured Carpets

Textured carpets are popular designs made up of loops and/or cut fibres of varying heights to give it a textured style. Textured carpets can transform your floor into a feature, while delivering the durability you are searching for. Level cut loop, cut and loop, and high low loop are all textured carpets.


  • Contemporary look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for busy lifestyles

Pricing Tips - Choices FlooringHow does Carpet pricing work?

Product only pricing

Product only pricing excludes any extra services that may be required. Some Choices Flooring stores across Australia include extra services within their final prices.

Extra services may include the following:

  • Installation
  • The Moving of Furniture
  • Removal & Disposal of Old Flooring
  • Floor Preparation
  • Borders and Trims
  • Stair Accessories
  • Underlay
  • Wastage

Luxury vinyl planks/tiles, timber, bamboo and laminate products are sold by the carton and not by the square metre; these prices do not include sub-floor preparation or installation.

Installed pricing

Installed pricing for carpet only – these prices include product, underlay and installation only. Some Choices Flooring stores across Australia offer extra services that are not included in their advertised prices.

Extra services may include the following:

  • The Moving of Furniture
  • Removal & Disposal of Old Flooring
  • Floor Preparation
  • Borders and Trims
  • Stair Accessories
  • Wastage

Luxury vinyl planks/tiles, timber, bamboo and laminate products are sold by the carton and not by the square metre; these prices do not include sub-floor preparation or installation.

Fully Inclusive pricing

Inclusive pricing for carpet only – these prices include product, installation, high-quality underlay, take-up and the disposal of existing carpet, all door trims and the moving of furniture.*

Luxury vinyl planks/tiles, timber, bamboo and laminate products are priced by the square metre, but sold by the carton; these prices do not include sub-floor preparation or installation.

Visit your local Choices Flooring store to find out more.

*See full terms and conditions here.

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  • Nylon
  • Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Triexta
  • Polypropylene
  • Advanced Technology Polypropylene
  • Polyester
Looking for Tips - Choices Flooring

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FAQs - Choices FlooringFrequently Asked Questions

Carpet FAQs

How important is underlay?

The role of underlay is sometimes overlooked. Underlay improves underfoot comfort, absorbs crushing forces on the pile, overcomes minor imperfections in the floor and it improves the acoustic and thermal insulation properties of the carpeted floor.

There are three main types of underlay: felt, foam and rubber. Like carpet, all types are available in various grades and qualities and these can be matched to your carpet and the wear characteristics of your home. Ask your retailer about the options available.

An underlay should be firm but comfortable. Poorly specified underlay will lead to stretching and rucking and may result in a breakdown of the carpet backing. As a guide, if you stand on the underlay you should not be able to feel the floor with the heel of your shoe.

If you are replacing your carpet, don’t be tempted to use the existing underlay. It will have the same wear patterns that appear in your old carpet and these will quickly resurface in a new carpet. Carpet manufacturers’ warranties also require their products be installed over new underlay.

Ask your Choices Flooring consultant about an appropriate underlay whether it be Dunlop Comfort Choice® Underlay or Airstep Underlay.

If i bend the carpet and see the backing does this mean the carpet is low quality?

No. All carpets, except woven carpets, are made with spaces between the tufts (ends). Remember, except when used on stairs, carpet is laid flat on the floor. You can feel the thickness or density of different carpets by sticking your fingers into the pile, but make sure you do it on a flat surface. As a general rule, thicker, tighter, denser carpets perform better.

If i know the weight or other technical specifications, can i compare products?

Using technical specifications of a product can give you a guide, but there are many other factors that can alter the comparison. For example, two carpets made to the same specifications but made with different fibres will perform, look, and feel differently in the same environment.

Does following a rating system ensure i'll get the right carpet?

A rating system developed by a manufacturer is their own evaluation of products based on their set of standards and “testing” methods. These rating systems can’t be compared across manufacturers since most are based on opinion and not strict testing methods.

What's twist carpet?

Twist is the number of turns put into the carpet fibre or yarn. Almost all carpets have twisted yarns. As a general rule, the more twist or turns on a fibre, the better performance you can expect. Yarns that are twisted tighter have a different feel compared to those that are looser.

Which is better: wool or nylon carpet?

There are various qualities of wool and nylon carpets available across a range of price points.

Should i buy plush or twist pile carpet?

A plush pile carpet is very luxurious and comfortable to live with. A twist pile carpet has the added benefit of minimising the appearance of tracking or foot marking. We recommend that you select products depending on your lifestyle and the foot traffic in your home.

What's the difference between a broadloom metre and a square metre?

A broadloom metre is actually 3.66 square metres, i.e. 1 metre cut from a carpet roll, which is normally 3.66 metres in width. It’s always a good idea to compare the square metre cost of carpet against other floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl or timber as they are specifically priced by the square metre and you can determine a better comparison of value.

What causes a carpet to shed?

Shedding results from the type of fibre used in the manufacturing of the carpet. Carpet that is manufactured with staple fibre has shorter fibres in the yarn and will shed for a short time depending on the amount of foot traffic and how often you vacuum. BCF, or Bulked Continuous Fibre, is the other type of fibre used in the manufacturing of carpet. In terms of durability there is little difference between the two. Wool is naturally a staple fibre; nylon and polyester can be either staple or BCF and olefin is usually BCF.

I'm interested in a carpet with a formal look; which styles should i consider?

A plush carpet with its velvet appearance would be the perfect carpet style to achieve your formal look. A patterned carpet can also add additional style to a formal room.

What is berber carpet?

While many people commonly refer to loop style carpets as Berber, the term Berber actually means a flecking of colour that originates from the natural flecking found in wool.

Is nylon static?

Anti-static technology is built into the carpet itself to ensure a static-free environment.

Does wool have stain resistance through it?

No it doesn’t. Spot cleaning is recommended because a stain is harder to remove if allowed to dry—don’t rub into the carpet, rather use pressure to soak up the liquid as soon as you notice a spill. While nylon carpet is treated with stain resistance, it’s still recommended to clean up spills as quickly as possible—again, don’t rub into the carpet, rather use pressure to soak up the liquid.

What's the difference between wool and nylon?

Wool is a natural fibre and is great for insulation, i.e. it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Recommended if you have an open fireplace. Nylon is a man-made fibre that can be solution dyed, i.e. the colour is right through the fibre like a carrot, or just nylon i.e. colour coats the outside of the fibre like an apple.