Rugs are a popular complementary flooring solution for defining spaces in open planned living areas and seasonally changing the look of any space. With an array of colours, designs and textures, rugs are perfect for those in need of a quick decoration solution.

  • If you use more than one rug in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Otherwise they will visually cut your room in half.

  • Rugs can visually quieten a room or turn up the volume, depending on the colour and design you select.

  • Before you buy a rug for your room, measure your space. Subtract 1m from the length and width, giving you your maximum rug size. Leaving the floor bare at the edges will make your room appear larger.

  • If you use more than one rug in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Otherwise they will visually cut your room in half.

Step 1: Select your Rug

Latitude Plateau -

Latitude Plateau

Latitude Auroa -

Latitude Auroa

Latitude Mineral -

Latitude Mineral

Latitude Blizzard -

Latitude Blizzard

ODR Waves Natural -

ODR Waves Natural

Herman Red -

Herman Red

Soul Oyster Shell -

Soul Oyster Shell

Coast Cape Grey -

Coast Cape Grey

Denmark Natural -

Denmark Natural

Odyssey Arctic Blue -

Odyssey Arctic Blue

Odyssey Rainbow -

Odyssey Rainbow

Odyssey Layers -

Odyssey Layers

Odyssey Picasso -

Odyssey Picasso

Wentworth Putty -

Wentworth Putty

Argentina Morocco -

Argentina Morocco

Argentina Fiesta -

Argentina Fiesta

Ivy Cream Fog -

Ivy Cream Fog

Soul Silk Worm -

Soul Silk Worm

Volume Sweet Orange -

Volume Sweet Orange

Soul Carbon -

Soul Carbon

Evolve Black -

Evolve Black

Jardin Bleu -

Jardin Bleu

Brazil Atlantic Blue -

Brazil Atlantic Blue

Nouvelle Grey Zig Zag -

Nouvelle Grey Zig Zag

Step 2: Match your flooring tone

Oscar Camel


Available Sizes: 160 x 230

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Looking for Tips - Choices FlooringDecorate your room with a rug

Dining Room

When selecting a rug for your dining area, you need to ensure the rug is large enough to fit under chairs that have been pulled back from the table, as well as allowing a little more space to help define the area.


Living Room

There are three different ways rugs can work in your living area, depending on the look and feel you want to create:

1. No furniture legs on your rug – If you are introducing a rug with a strong pattern or colour, this style will allow your rug to be the statement piece within your space.


2. Front furniture legs on your rug – This works well for those wanting to tie their room together, to create a casual and inviting environment.


3. All furniture legs on your rug – This style is ideal for those wanting to achieve a formal living area.



Depending on what you want to achieve, there are two main ways rugs can work in your bedroom:

1. Under your bed – To treat your feet each morning and night, allow 2/3 of the rug to be under your bed, ensuring the width extends beyond the sides.


2. At the end of your bed – To create an extra layer within your room, add a rug at the end of your bed, ensuring it extends beyond the sides.