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5 Reasons to Love Laminate Flooring

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If you’re unsure which flooring to choose, the wonderful benefits of laminate may win you over

Kylie Jackes

Cost effective

If you’ve got a large floor area to cover, or are simply keen to stick to a tight budget, the cost of laminate is incredibly attractive. For those who covet a hardwood floor without the price-tag, timber look laminate is a wonderful alternative as its far more affordable and creates a very similar look and feel. The quality is also fantastic as laminate offers wonderful resistance to day to day wear.

Easy to Install

The speed in which laminate goes down is impressive. Simple enough for most DIY enthusiasts to tackle themselves, the tongue and groove click system is a dream to use. There’s no need to wield a nail gun or mess about with glue, it simply snaps together. Another advantage is that it can be installed over an existing concrete, tile or vinyl floor with minimal preparation. It can even be laid over underfloor heating and stairs to create a cohesive look throughout the home.

Stunning Choice

These days it can be hard to tell the difference between actual timber and timber look laminate, as today’s superior boards are made to mimic the same grain, character and wonderful texture of various timber species. Whether you’re after gentle tones for a beach house, or Scandi inspired interior, you may want to consider Quick-Step Classic bleach White Teak or Quick-Step Saw Cut Oak Grey. For stunning natural warmth, Plantino Laminate in Tasmanian Oak or Spotted Gum offers timeless appeal. Another option is the strong dark tones of options like Plantino Laminate Deluxe Soho and Quick Step Eligna Black Varnished Oak which create a dramatic foundation to layer furniture and accessories.

Offers Fabulous Flexibility

As a floating floor, another great feature of laminate is its ability to expand and contract if there’s a change in pressure or temperature. That means it won’t buckle or crack, so you can enjoy its good looks for years to come. And with laminate varieties like Quick-Step Impressive Ultra offering unique joint technology and sealing, it is water resistant making it suitable to use in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom.

Simple to Clean

The forgiving nature of laminate means it’s not demanding when it comes to cleaning. All it needs is a vacuum or sweep and a once over with a damp mop from time to time. For those who’d much rather restyle a space than clean it, it’s a huge plus. And the beauty of timber look laminate, is it lends itself to a range of decorating styles from chic contemporary to cute country.

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