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Artistic Flooring Ideas for your Home Music Room

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There is no easy solution to what makes the best flooring for a home music room? An imaginative space that should ooze artistic flare and celebrate creative collaboration needs the right flooring to hit the right note. Particularly when teenagers decide they want to be in a band or get serious in their musical endeavors during high school.


The short answer is that it won’t be a one size fits all approach but more so there will be a variety of flooring options one should consider. However, pleasingly most flooring styles can be adapted to work effectively for you.

Ultimately the best flooring option to be placed in a music room would be a tough and durable carpet. Carpeted floors absorb sound, stop excessive reverberation around the room and most carpets are long lasting for teenagers who tend to rock n roll this room! Taking this idea further, home renovators could consider wall to wall carpeting or carpet tiles to maximise sound as it travels through the room.

You also will want to consider the neighbours and keep them from glancing wearily at you as you leave the house with the music room in full jam session mode. The ideal window blinds for a music room in your house are panel glide blinds as they are easy to pull across as well as being inexpensive.

If you are going to give a considerable investment to your music room for sound, it’s important to ensure the acoustical balance is in check. Music is such a large and diverse area of collaborative creation, so it would be really important to be clear on what exact music dreams you envisage for your space. For example, musicians beating out sound music or large instruments will need to consider sub-woofers that are meant to be sitting on the floor to enhance the base presence. However, if bass frequencies are played low to the ground, carpet flooring options will enhance the sounds be emitted. This can make a major difference to the music produced.

Again, open to individual preference of the music ambition, some would assume hard flooring options is the way to go for a musical magic. This is can be the case but there is potential for it to go horribly wrong.

Hardwood timber flooring options can work relatively well as the sound bounces back around the room. It provides a more natural sounding experience. This is best used for music rooms where recordings are being made but not necessarily in rooms with lots of acoustical movement. Sound waves bounce off hard surfaces easier and travel further meaning your musical den could become an acoustic disaster.

Hard timber flooring can also negatively impact the clarity of the sound and it will make the room feel smaller because of the poor sound being played. Laminate flooring can also slow down sound speeds and affect the boom ejected. For guitar enthusiasts, these are important considerations.

It’s almost decision time and if hard flooring is your preferred option, luxury vinyl planks will work as they are quieter underfoot.

If you have a room that is already floored with laminate or timber, finding rugs that can go on the floor is a small and relatively budget friendly way to remove the feedback and reverb sound. Furthermore you could consider the options of placing acoustic tiles on the wall which will improve the sound as well.

A creative den or home theatre room requires lots of thinking before you start your renovation. Such hobbies require careful consideration and with ample planning can ensure that you can maximise your dollars and deliver the best results for your musical dreams.

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