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Bedroom Flooring

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Whether your bedroom is used to sleep in only, used for a multi-purpose study, or simply where all the family ends up watching television at the end of the day, it needs to cater for the ambiance you want to create.

In truth, any flooring can work in a bedroom. It just depends on what your lifestyle is and what look and feel that is your end goal.

Hard Flooring options look great, are easy to clean and can be softened under foot with a rug. For a quieter, scratch, and waterproof options in the bedroom it is hard to go past a Genero luxury vinyl or Adode hybrid floor. Both are warmer underfoot than other hard flooring options and provide extensive warranties that proves the durability of the product.

Design featured: Genero Zenith, Glenmore Oak

For a more natural look, an engineered timber floor can look stunning. The natural grains and unique knots in each plank are authentic in appearance and can really add character to a bedroom. For the timber plank option, remember to protect the floor from furniture with protectors to keep the floor looking beautiful for years over.

Design featured: Plantino Native Landmark - Blackbutt

Hard Flooring options for kids’ bedrooms can be a great solution, especially when it comes to peace of mind about spills and life’s little accidents. Hard flooring is easy to clean and maintain and there is limited chance the floor will stain or be left with a constant reminder of an eventful play date. There are hundreds of colours to choose from, so you can be sure to find a once to meet the entire household décor.

Plantino Engineered Oak Elemental - Nice

Carpet in bedrooms is the ultimate in luxury to create a warm and inviting space when it comes to sleep and revitalisation. Not only does carpet provide a softness to the bedroom, but carpet styles can also then bring a next level of character. From chunky loops to textured and patterned carpets, these styles can really be a statement for the bedroom.

Windsor Wool Hartsville - Sweet Melon

If carpets in bedrooms are on the radar for a home renovation and rebuild, consider the carpet fibre as a priority. The Brease solution dyed nylon range provides exceptional stain resistance and keeps its colour lasting for years. And if the bedroom is beautifully lit with natural sunshine, it is also important to consider whether the carpet will fade. The Eternity solution dyed nylon range offers such peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the look of the carpet for years.

Eternity Pointillier - Jazz

And just remember, a bedroom needs to be a stress free environment. Choose any of the above mentioned flooring options to ensure an inviting space.

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