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Black & White Flooring - The NEW trend in Australasia

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In a home, black anything makes a big statement. But one place in the home that is often overlooked when using black, is on the floor!

Black and white flooring is a huge trend in Australia and New Zealand currently. Be it timber, luxury vinyl, hybrid or even carpet, black floors can add a bold and a beautiful design element to your space. The look ties together vintage and modern style perfectly, while also adding elegance and sophistication to your home.

Since black and white are neutral colours, using them on for your flooring allows you to play with colour. Its classic combination gives the versatility to create the look a homeowner has envisioned for her home whether she wants her floors to be a background element or a focal point.
The combo of black and white makes a big impact on the floor, whether you go for herringbone or a chevron style the choice is yours but these eye catching patterns add beauty to any room while allowing other elements, such as art or rich curios to shine.

Black and white flooring works for most budgets and can be used in any area of your home, be it kitchen, bathroom, laundry or an entryway…... the possibilities are endless!

If you are after longevity, durability along with affordability both luxury vinyl and hybrid floors are trending right now. Our GENERO and ABODE ranges can help you to incorporate this trend beautifully in your homes. Both these ranges are a fabulous way to dial up the drama of any space in your home.

An Abode Elevate Knight Oak paired with Abode Coastal Compari floors, will give a sleek and sophisticated look. Or if you are bent towards luxury vinyl floor, a combination of Genero Design Grey-Brown Rustic Wood and Genero Design Platinum Bleached Chestnut can work very well with a variety of colour palettes and interior styles.

Both the above are very versatile choices, as they can add luxury to a modern heritage Victorian entrance or a chilled and pared back boho bedroom or even in any mis-matched eclectic space.

An area rug is another great idea to incorporate this trend to add texture and bring decorative detail. Also, rugs are so easy to exchange and upgrade. Plus, they add comfort and protect your flooring. A black and white patterned area rug like Argentina Atlas on an Abode Elevate Knight Oak can make a fashion statement for a dark interior yet cosy and moody at the same time.

Smart, sophisticated and the perfect base for any décor, a black floor is a timeless classic. Whether you prefer solid, boldly patterned or partnered with white, black is a top choice underfoot.

If you’re floored by which material to choose, try testing each trend at home before you invest. The Choices Flooring RoomView program is a free tool which allows you to view different flooring options in your home in a simple photo upload. All you need is photos of the rooms you intend to decorate, and then you can filter flooring by colour tone, design and style. 

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