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Brease is an innovation in carpet technology!

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Whilst floorboards were the ‘go to’ for these households, Brease was introduced over 10 years ago to meet the requirements of those that needed the likes of household dust mites, mould and mildew alleviated in their home for their conditions of asthma and allergies.

Part of the Sensitive Choice® program which was created by the National Asthma Council Australia whereby all products are made specifically for people wanting to breathe pure, clearer, and fresher air,
Brease was accepted and has been installed in thousands of homes across Australasia.


The carpet has all the appropriate treatments to alleviate all the nasties that are sometimes hidden in carpet, including Active Care®, Ultra-Fresh and Easy Bac+ ®. And as a solution dyed nylon carpet, it has the extra benefits of exceptional stain resistance, colourfastness and boasts a 15 year warranty.

With over 70 colours to choose from, there is no better choice than a Brease carpet in the home for a fresh environment

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