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From my design studio, I've been noticing a surge in popularity of minimalistic, timeless design, with an emphasis on sustainable materials and longevity. One of the key elements of this trend is selecting colours that will remain in vogue for a long time. This means opting for neutral and timeless hues that blend well with various styles and furniture pieces. These colours should grow with you as your lifestyle evolves, not the other way around.

As consumers increasingly sought out environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, and durable products, Choices Flooring has stepped up to the plate. They offer several sustainable product ranges, including recycled underlays, and even timber flooring with a reforestation focus. Another trend I've noted gaining traction is asthma-friendly and hybrid flooring options. These types of flooring are designed to be hypoallergenic, better for indoor air quality, as well as easy to maintain while being affordable, durable, and long-lasting.

As an interior designer, I understand that the design process and selecting the right flooring can be completely overwhelming for clients. That's where I come in to ensure that everything works harmoniously with furniture styles, window treatments, paint colours, and other design elements. Working with the in-store team at Choices Flooring, we ensure the process is an enjoyable and seamless experience. I’m always popping in to show or borrow take-home samples and get further advice on matching the needs of my clients.

Here's a breakdown of how we fulfill your brief as a team and achieve your design goals

Firstly, we use digital assets to refine our ideas. We leverage tools such as Style Sourcebook to locate flooring options that match the homeowners’ design vision. We take your preferences, such as a light oak coastal look or dark walnut herringbone, into account and eliminate options that don't meet your requirements. Together, we gain a working understanding of your vision for your space, lifestyle, and concerns like sustainability, colour choices, and size or type of rugs, plus window treatments required.

Next, we create a mood board that serves as a visual representation of your ideas. We bring it to an in-store consultation, where we'll select colour samples, touch them, drag them onto the floor, see them in real life and move them around to get a feel for what's available. We can even take you to see a rug or curtain sample, and using room view in-store, we can see how it would look in your space. We then upload the rug roomview picture to your mood board to enhance the vision.

Once we've finalised the mood board, asked the in-store team all our questions, and selected the materials and colours, we take the samples home and view them in different lighting. This ensures that we're completely comfortable with the decisions we've made.

By having a focused process and design team, plus using digital and physical tools to carefully consider materials, colours, and sustainability concerns, we can help you achieve the perfect space together.

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