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Choices for Family Style

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There’s no doubt that family homes need to be practical, but thanks to new innovations in flooring, nowadays they can be aesthetically beautiful too. The new generation of floorboards and carpet are made to be hardwearing and stain resistant, while maintaining the decorative detail homeowners look for. 


Take vinyl flooring, for example. resistant to moisture, scratches, and dents, it’s perfect for young families and pets. Even better, it comes in luxurious wood- and stone-look finishes, in plank and tile formats respectively, that are so realistic you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re the real deal. Use them in any room in the house – including bathrooms and laundries – to create a natural-material look without the maintenance. Timber look floorboards in the bathroom is an emerging trend, and thanks to vinyl, it’s entirely possible. 

Another great family-proof flooring option is laminate, which has a hard scratch-resistant top layer, meaning marks and stains aren’t an issue. Plus, laminate has an anti-static surface so it attracts a lot less dust than other floors. But what about style? Laminates can replicate any type of timber and come in a range of widths, including the super-wide planks that are popular in old European houses. In 2021, satin and matte finishes will prove popular, allowing the grain and knots of this timber-look flooring to be the hero.

If you’re after a softer flooring option, carpet is the only way to go, and modern incarnations made from nylon offer the ultimate softness and the look of wool with increased durability at a more affordable price. It’s no wonder Nylon is Australasia’s most popular carpet choice. When it comes to pile, go for one that’s super plush and cushy underfoot. And as for colours, this year it’s all about getting back to nature with earthy brown-based neutrals, from sandy hues to warm, donkey greys.

Elle Lovelock
Editor in Chief
Real Living

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