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Choices for Ultimate Style

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Beautiful flooring is the key element and stylish anchor in a stunning interior. When you get your flooring right everything else comes together naturally. Having quality flooring underfoot is an everyday luxury that enhances your lifestyle and that all-important time at home.

Bedrooms are the ultimate sanctuaries where we not only sleep and relax but practise mindfulness, take our time dressing and truly wind down. Where possible the integration of a dressing room and indulgent bathroom offers an elevated experience for carrying out daily rituals. Softness, texture and tactility in this area enhance the feeling that your space is enveloping and protecting you.


In terms of carpets for the all-important boudoir, softness and natural fibres are making a comeback. Luxurious triextas such as the Serenity Collection, are the perfect base for low slung furniture making the carpet an extension of the furniture. Sophisticated charcoals provide a rich base for myriad colour schemes. We are also seeing textural tonal schemes with layering of one palette from carpet, to rug to wall colour and bed linen.

Artisanal and bespoke kitchens and living areas with textured wall finishes and sculptural staircases are on our radar at the moment. Think tadelakt walls with a soft patina teamed with robust curves in staircases and transition areas. This look is perfect with hardwearing Plantino Engineered Oak in wide timber boards. The overscale floorboards convey a generosity of space, scale and materiality and make the spaces feel expansive and indulgent. The timeless warmth of timber enhances contemporary spaces and invites nature in.


Washed and almost raw lived-in luxury is trending now as is parquetry in French and Swedish greys. Deeper walnuts and natural timber finishes work well in mid-century modern schemes and convey a sense a history and heft as if the space has a story to tell.

Rugs are being layered on carpet and used throughout living areas to delineate space. We all like open plan but we need to define intimate zones for maximum enjoyment and liveability.


Tanya Buchanan

Editor in Chief

Australian House & Garden

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