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Searching for flooring in Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Urunga, or Nambucca for your home? There is a Choices Flooring store close to you no matter where you are and we can help you discover the ideal flooring for your house. If you already have flooring, we can help you with the finishing touches by adding shutters and rugs as per your style. 



Exquisite carpets for the homes in Coffs Harbour

Check out the carpet collections at Choices Flooring for inspiration. Carpets can be a terrific way to bring some comfort to your Coffs Harbour home, with alternatives that are asthma and allergy friendly. Choices Flooring carries exclusive brands including Brease, Temuka  and others. We understand how crucial it is to make wise investments when furnishing and designing the interior of a home you’ll live in for many years. Because of this, Choices Flooring places a premium on carrying only incredibly soft, high-quality carpets that will last for many years. 


One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when replacing your flooring is whether to choose carpet or hardwood. Carpet is a great option for spaces where you’re searching for comfort (like a bedroom) or where you might want a softer underfoot surface, even though both have advantages (like a gameroom). Carpet is less suitable for spaces like kitchen or bathroom that could experience frequent spillage. Choose Choices Flooring if you’re looking for a carpet shop in Urunga or your local neighborhood.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring

With our Luxury Vinyl flooring, you may renovate your Yamba property. Vinyl flooring has the appearance of wood but is less expensive and easy to maintain. Our Luxury Vinyl is strong and stain-resistant, it looks wonderful in any room and perfect for a kitchen or dining area as it is waterproof. 



Visit Choices Flooring to see our selection of luxury vinyl flooring if you’re looking for it in Nambucca. No matter what design you want, we have plank and tile so you can discover the ideal aesthetic for your home. To create a cozy atmosphere, pair one of our rugs with our Genero Coastal range, which is a popular option across the nation. The Genero Coastal line was specifically designed to endure Australia’s weather. 


Hardwood Timber Flooring

Your suburban home can become a welcoming, comfortable space with character by installing a timber floor. Wood floors can provide distinction to your house because of its unique appearance and wood grain. No matter your style, it looks excellent, especially in the homes that have a rustic, lived-in feel. Also, if properly maintained, timber flooring can last up to 100 years and can be recycled which makes it a fantastic sustainable alternative. It is energy-efficient both when it is created and when it is in your home.




For all your flooring requirements, whether you reside in Grafton, Yamba, or Urunga, come to Choices Flooring Coffs Harbour. A few of the timber flooring we provide are from the Plantino Native range. This durable, all natural timber plank will give your house a cozy feel. You can choose the one that matches the design of your suburban home thanks to the wide range of colour options. 


Hybrid flooring in Coffs Harbour 

Are you looking for rigid/hybrid flooring around Grafton? Choices Flooring is the place to turn! Linoleum and vinyl flooring are combined in hybrid flooring to create an incredibly strong and long lasting plank. Longevity and durability are provided by a strong, inflexible core, while the appearance and feel of natural hardwood are provided by the top layers. Families with kids and dogs should opt for a Hybrid flooring since it is durable and water resistant. Even better, because it is sunproof and is ideal for a room with a skylight or big windows.

The sophisticated and modern rigid flooring in our Abode Grande range is ideal for a Palmers Channel residence. Try our Abode Classic line for a classic aesthetic. To tie the room together, add one of our plush rugs, like this York Alice one. Hardwood flooring can last up to 20 years, so it's crucial to pick a design you’ll adore for many years to come. Visit our Choices Flooring store in Coffs Harbour to view what we have if you’re unsure of what you want. We would be delighted to assist you in making your decision. 


Coffs Harbour Laminate

In terms of laminate flooring, Choices Flooring Coffs Harbour offers both one and two plank options. Laminate floors are a good option for someone who wants to do their own installation as they are simple to install. Moreover, it is reasonably priced and resilient, making it a suitable option for high-traffic areas like corridors and living rooms. 


With intricate wood grain patterns, the laminate flooring provides the appearance of real wood. This comes in a number of colours and would look fantastic in an artistic home like Gilletts Ridge or Waterview Heights. For the look to be complete, add one of our jute rugs. Uncertain of what would appear best? Look no further when using our RoomView function to visualize our flooring in your home.


Rugs, Window Shutters and Blinds 

Come check out what Choices Flooring has to offer if you want to upgrade the flooring, carpets or window furnishings in your Coffs Harbour home. No matter where you are either Bellingen or Korora, we are only a short drive or phone call away. When you’re ready to begin a flooring job, we are the best option because we have flooring stores in areas all around Australia. 


Rugs in Coffs Harbour 

You may make your house feel more like a home by adding one of our rugs. We have everything from patterned rugs that provide the perfect centerpiece statement to muted ones in plain colours that will soften the floor. We provide plush, opulent carpets that are perfect for bedrooms as well as denser,luxurious rugs that look great in hallways. To make your space feel more like home and whether you live in Donvale or Warrandyte, stop by Choices Flooring and choose a rug. A university room can be made more cheery and homelike with a rug. 


A rug might be the best accent piece for a space. No matter where you are- Nambucca Heads, Urunga or Yamba, a rug can provide the flair,style, and uniqueness you need in a home. There are so many different rug styles that it may be difficult to decide which one will look best in your home. Several rug styles could be suitable for different rooms. Bright colours may be your style, but not in a bedroom. Another possibility is that you want to paint and lay new flooring to compliment a finished space. To achieve a cohesive aesthetic, keep these considerations in mind as you make your choices.


Matching Blinds and shutter for you Coffs Harbour home

The ideal collection of shades or shutters does more to assemble a space. This frequently disregarded aspect of your home’s architecture is actually rather crucial because it can impact both the inside and outside appearance of your house. Also, the appropriate blinds will contribute to your home’s increased energy efficiency. 


Moreover, privacy is crucial in the suburbs. Although providing you with some peace and seclusion within your home, a set of roller blinds can let some sun in. For a contemporary home with huge windows or glass doors, panel slides would be a great option. Concerns about safety when it comes to blinds and shutters may exist among those who have dogs and children. Many of the blinds we sell at Choices Flooring are motorized so there are no physical cords for kids or pets to tangle with. 




RoomView and Mood boards:

Having trouble deciding where to begin your renovation journey? Maybe there are too many choices and you’re not sure where to start. We can inspire you in a variety of ways. For making mood boards and pursuing other people’s home design preferences, Style Sourcebook is fantastic. This could help you decide which styles you like and don’t like. See this mood board for a suburban look that combines eye-catching peach coloured artwork and walks with a conventional gray carpet.


If you want to preview how things will look in your home, utilize our RoomView visualiser. By uploading a photo of your desired room, you may quickly experiment with different flooring, carpets and window furnishings. Try it now!


For the newest flooring including carpet, laminate, and wood, go to Choices Flooring Coffs Harbour.


Use the RoomView app on our Inspiration Station in-store for any decorating job or arrange a consultation with us for your restoration project. We are excited to get to know you and realize your dream.

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