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Decorate the Ultimate Dad Cave

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Recently my 11-year-old son went to a birthday party that was held inside his mate’s ‘Man Cave,’ which involved a set up that would make most males, young and old, green with envy. It was inside his family’s shed and had a big screen TV, an X box, pool table and bar fridge and every boy there thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I think it would be safe to presume every male would love to have their own ‘Man Cave’ and it’s a space you can set up in a spare room in your home or an outside shed to make all their childhood fantasies come true. Although I’m pretty sure most girls would like a hangout space like this too, so let’s not leave them out!

When I think of a ‘Man Cave’ I think of a space that’s quite masculine, with strong primary colours like navy and red. Kind of like an All American sports bar, which is how I would decorate if I was designing an ultimate ‘Dad Cave.’ I would paint the room a deep navy and hang sports memorabilia on the walls, with a timber bar where Dad could fix his favourite drink and plush leather sofas to sink into. I’d choose dark timber flooring with a big rug to make the space feel warm and comfy and have a pool table with a low hanging light over it. Finally, a man cave isn’t complete without a big screen TV so that’s a must. Then just try and get Dad out of the room, he might move in there permanently!


If I was decorating a space for a boy (or girl) cave I would go with brighter colours for a fun arcade feel. I’d paint the walls cobalt blue and go with luxury vinyl or laminate on the floor so it’s low fuss and easy to keep clean. Then I’d put an old couch in there, with plenty of bean bags and floor cushions to lay around on. I’d frame posters of favourite movies or sporting teams and display any sporting paraphernalia they’ve collected. If it was for my son it would be full of Crows and Golden State Warriors merchandise! A ping pong table is always great for keeping the kids amused and finally it’s not a kids cave if it doesn’t have a big TV and a gaming console.

I can’t think of a single kid, young or old, who wouldn’t want a space like this and it would be easy to convert an unused shed or garage into the ultimate hang out space for them. Then watch as every kid (or dad) in the neighbourhood invents reasons to come over and hang there!

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