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Dining Room Flooring

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Dropped food, spilled drinks, and heavy chairs are inevitable no matter the purpose, meaning both style and durability are a must. And for some, the ‘dining room’ may just be that ‘special’ room only used on special occasions.

Genero Longboard Limed - Blackbutt

If your dining room is used on a regular basis, hard flooring options are usually the ‘go to’ given their ability to repel the daily activity that is thrown upon it each day. Laminate, Luxury Vinyl and Hybrid flooring are all great options for dining rooms, where durability is a must. Standing up to heavy furniture and the inevitable chair being scraped across the floor is something a Hybrid floor can handle with its scratch resistant ability.

Genero Design Platinum - River Gum

Additionally, Hybrid flooring is water resistant so it’s better to be safer than sorry when it comes to choosing flooring for your dining room, making sure all the boxes are ticked.

Alternatively, placing a rug underneath the dining table can provide for a softer feel in the room, and can reduces friction between chairs.  Rugs can be easily maintained and cleaned regularly to make this alternative work effectively.

Abode Grande Splendid Oak - Studio Grey

Food and carpet may not sound like a good mix, but carpet can work for dining rooms that are treated as a special occasion space where creating a luxury and sophisticated ambience in the home.  Given the range of carpets that offer extensive in-built stain resistance, carpet can also be a considered flooring option for dining rooms. 

Eternity Delano - Colt

Luxuriously soft and high stain resistant carpets such as Eternity and Harlow Collection provide a stunning statement carpet choice for a dining room that has been created for a special space within the home and offers the homeowners peace of mind that what may be spilt in this space, can be fixed with a quick cleaning action.
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