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Dog Friendly Flooring | Popular Floors for Dogs and Pets

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Dogs are an important part of the family - but they do have an influence on how we style our homes. For example, we might have to pet-proof our furniture and make plenty of room for a dog bed and toys. One of the biggest factors you’ll take into account when renovating is what kind of flooring is best for you and your dog. While all of our flooring at Choices Flooring is durable and hard wearing, you might find that one type is best for you and your pet’s needs.

Durable and scratch resistant

It’s important for your pup to get in some good play time - but that might mean chasing a ball down the hallway and potentially scratching up your floor with his claws. A hard-wearing luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice for any dog owners, as it is scratch resistant and will withstand years of wear. You might also consider adding a rug in high traffic areas - just make sure you have a rug grip underneath so it stays in place. A rug can protect your vinyl floor and is easy to replace or clean if it gets stained.


Easy to clean

Dogs can be messy, especially if you have a puppy. Between shedding, messy treats, and the occasional accident, you can expect to be cleaning up after your puppy pretty often. This is why it’s important to have an easy to clean floor. Generally, carpet isn’t going to be your best choice for this, although many carpets these days are somewhat stain resistant. Out of all the types of flooring, vinyl is the easiest to clean, although all of our plank floorings are low maintenance. When it comes time to clean, be sure to refer to our cleaning tips for your specific type of flooring. Additionally, make sure you’re using pet safe cleaning supplies.


Stain and moisture resistant

In order to keep your home looking clean, you’ll want a stain and moisture resistant floor so that when Fido runs inside with mud on his paws, your first thought will be cleaning him off, not worrying about the floor. Our rigid flooring is waterproof, which makes it a great choice for a pet-friendly home.


What about carpet?

While you might not think of carpet as a good choice for a pet friendly home, there are some situations where it might be a good choice. For example, an older dog that’s prone to slipping or falling may have a better time walking on carpet. Carpet also muffles noise, so it can be good in multi-story homes. Additionally, carpet can’t get scratched or scuffed in the same way that hardwood flooring can. If you do choose carpet, go for a low pile and trim their claws regularly. Our Entrend carpet line is hard wearing and easy to clean, which would make it a good choice if you decided carpet was right for you and your dog.


Great warranty

Finally, make sure that whatever flooring you end up with has a great warranty. With care, your flooring can last many years, and most flooring manufacturers have a reasonable warranty, if not an excellent one. Make sure to read the warranty carefully so that you know what to expect so that you can plan accordingly when the time comes to replace your flooring.


Stop by your local Choices Flooring and let us help you find the perfect flooring for you and your pets. With over 140 locations across Australia and New Zealand, we’re happy to help. Or check out our stock online and explore what we have to offer using the RoomView Visualizer.

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