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Finding the Perfect Rug Size for any living space

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Your flooring is all installed and finished, and you’ve chosen a rug style. Now, it’s time to choose what size rug you need in your room. The rug size you choose will depend on your personal style as well as how much space you have in a room. Here are three tips to help you choose the best rug size for your room.

Know the size of your room (and furniture)

When you’re looking for a rug, you’ll need to know how big your room is. That way, you can visualize how different sized rugs will look in your space. Knowing and being able to compare the measurements of your room and furniture to a rug is crucial in knowing how it will look. You don’t want your rug to completely overshadow your flooring, but you do want it to be a statement in the room. And if you’re placing a rug underneath furniture, you’ll want to make sure that there’s a border of rug around the furniture.

For smaller living spaces, you’ll want a rug that balances and opens up your room. The rug you choose will likely be smaller in size than it would be for a larger room; for example, you could put a 230cm x 160cm rug underneath a small sofa. If you’re looking at round rugs, something around 150cm will look good. For hallway runners, 80cm x 150cm will look great.

For mid-size living spaces, you’ll want rugs that are around 280cm x 190cm. A rectangular rug this size is perfect for underneath a dining table or in a bedroom. Round rugs in a mid-size room will be 200cm. For hallway runners, 80cm x 300cm is best.

Large, open-space living areas will want the largest rugs. For example, you could put a 240cm round rug underneath a 6-8 seat round dining table. Or if you want a rug in your bedroom, a190cm x 280cm rug fits perfectly with a king sized bed.

Build a Cohesive Room

Generally, you want around 45cm of bare floor showing in your room. This allows for your beautiful floor to shine through while putting the focus on the rug. When deciding what size rug you want, consider whether you want your rug to take up most of the room - which can make a room look bigger, but could be overwhelming if the rug is very bright or patterned - or if you want a smaller rug that will just accent the rest of the room.

For a more cohesive look, setting some or all of the furniture on your rug can make the room look open and put together. For example, for a large living room with a full lounge suite, a 320cm x 230cm rug will fit all the furniture on it while still leaving some space for the floor toward the edges of the room.

Round or Rectangular?

Two of the most common sizes of rugs are round and rectangular. It can sometimes be tough to decide which one to choose. Generally, round rugs are great in spaces with matching round tables; for example, a small, 2-person dining table would look good with a round rug underneath it. For sectionals and other rectangular pieces of furniture, a rectangular or square rug looks best. And for large, open rooms, you may use multiple rugs in different shapes to section the room off. For example, you could have a large round rug towards the corner of the room for a children’s play area, and a rectangular rug in the center of the room underneath a coffee table.

Ready to choose the perfect rug for your home? Visit any of our  140+ Choices Flooring locations in Australia. We can’t wait to see what you choose!

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