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After Purchase Floor Care

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Once you have your brand new flooring installed - thanks to your Choices Flooring store - you might be wondering how to properly care for it. After all, you want to get the most life out of your flooring that you can. And with good care, your floor will last many years to come.

Buying from Choices Flooring, will give you the peace of mind knowing we have an expert team ready to assist with care, maintenance and cleaning advice.

No matter what kind of floor you have, there are some general tips that you’ll want to know right after installation. First, you may want to wait for settling. Ask our flooring experts how long you need to wait before putting heavy items and furniture on your new floor. You may have to wait 24 hours for certain flooring types. Additionally, be sure your room is properly ventilated. This helps air out any fumes from adhesive and it helps the adhesive dry by reducing moisture buildup.

Luxury Vinyl & Laminate

Both luxury vinyl and laminate flooring require similar after purchase care. These types of floors are very easy to care for, and less is more. Sweep regularly, and use a damp mop when needed. You don’t want to get your floor too wet as it can damage the flooring. Use a luxury vinyl or laminate approved cleaner or even a simple vinegar solution. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or steel wool as that can remove the shine.

Be sure to use felt pads on heavy furniture, like couches or tables, to prevent scratches and marks. You can also use doormats at entrances and rugs in high-traffic areas to further prevent wear.


Timber flooring can take some extra care since it can be easily scratched. It’s particularly important with timber that you use felt protectors under furniture and rugs or mats in areas of high traffic. Stay away from rubber mats, as the rubber can leave marks on your floor. Direct sunlight can fade your timber floor, so keep blinds and shutters closed during parts of the day that the sun shines through your window.

Timber flooring may need to be sanded and re-coated after enough wear. If your floor is looking
dull, reach out to us at Choices Flooring and we can have one of our professional flooring
contractors re-coat your floor.

Rigid Hybrid Flooring

Do not wash your new floor for 24 hours after installation to ensure that the adhesive has a chance to fully dry. Rigid flooring does its best in a temperature controlled environment between 18°C – 28°C.

For regular care, sweep with a broom or vacuum to remove any grit and dirt. You don’t want to use a steam cleaner on this type of flooring as it could damage it. When you mop, use a pH neutral cleaning product. You want to use a little water as possible. Scuff marks should wipe away easily, but if they don’t, add a bit of eucalyptus oil to a damp cloth and gently wipe away the scuff marks.


Carpet stains can happen, and even with a stain-resistant carpet, you’ll still want to remove the stain as quickly as you can. Depending on what was spilled, you may need to use a different method for best removal. Our stain removal guide is great to have around just in case. As a general rule, you’ll want to blot the stain to soak up any excess liquid, and then use the correct cleaner to further remove the stain. If you’re using a new cleaner, it’s a good idea to do a test patch somewhere hidden first.

If you have any questions about maintaining your flooring, please call one of our expert team at Choices Flooring, for free advice.

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