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Preparing for your Floor Installation

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Ready to complete your flooring project, but unsure how to find an installer? Let our friendly
team at Choices Flooring help! They will arrange for the professional flooring
installation to ensure your floors are looking great.

Finding an Installer

There are many ways you can find an installer yet we recommend speaking with our flooring
experts at Choices Flooring. All of our stores have worked with many floor installers
and able to source the most experienced professionals for you. While online directories provide
listings of flooring installers near you, arranging installation is all part of our service when buying
from Choices Flooring. We ensure that flooring installers are well trained, have
verifiable credentials, are suited to the type of flooring you purchase and able to book the
appointment with them to suit your preferred installation time.

How do I know if my installer is qualified?

Flooring installers typically receive training through a combination of formal education, on-the-
job training, and apprenticeship programs. The specific training requirements may vary
depending on the type of flooring being installed. In fact, Choices Flooring’s parent company
Newfurn offers training through the Chillingworth Training Institute for flooring installation.

The most common certification for flooring is the MSF 30818 Certificate III in Flooring
Technology. Attendees take a variety of training courses along with an apprenticeship where
they get hands-on experience. This allows them to have real world experience before they even
graduate. Chillingworth ensure their trainees get that hands-on experience they need.

Many installers will also pursue additional certifications and specialise in a particular type of
flooring installation. If you have a more complicated project, or just want peace of mind, you
may want an installer that has these extra certifications. Many of these certifications are for a
specific type of flooring, like laminate, timber, or carpet. If you’re wanting flooring with an
intricate pattern layout, please talk with our team at Choices Flooring.

All installers are also trained on workplace health and safety practices, so you can rest assured
that they will work safely.

How should I prepare for flooring installation?

Before the flooring installer arrives, Choices Flooring will give you specific
instructions on how to prepare, but generally, you’ll want to make sure to clear the space
completely. Remove any furniture, appliances, or belongings from the room so that they are
safe and out of the way. Ideally, you’ll also want the space to be clean of dust and debris - this
makes it easier to install the flooring and prevent any delays.

You’ll also want to minimise disruptions during your flooring installation process. Be sure to ask
us at how long your floors will take to install so you can make any plans for kids and pets for that day. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask any questions prior to the flooring installers arriving as we are always happy to help you!

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