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In search of the ideal flooring? Your quest ends at Choices Flooring! Explore a diverse selection of flooring styles, fabrics, and colours, ensuring you discover the perfect match. Whether you prefer family-friendly flooring for your busy home or scratch-resistant flooring, we've got you covered. With 140 stores conveniently scattered across Australia, finding a Choices Flooring store near you is a breeze. Our approachable team is ready to provide expert flooring advice on the selection of the right flooring and installation, ensuring you make a confident choice for your home.


Discover Carpets tailored for your home:

For those in search of carpet experts, look no further than Choices Flooring.

Opting for carpet is an exceptional decision when prioritising comfort, especially in areas like bedrooms, as it provides a softer underfoot surface. At Choices Flooring, our extensive carpet collection caters to various preferences, featuring Brease, the asthma-friendly carpets designed for durability and tailored to the needs of busy families. Additionally, we offer woolen carpets such as Temuka and Windsor Wool for those seeking a more natural flooring alternative. 

We understand that every home is different, which is why our carpet solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Speak to our carpet experts today to get the right deals for your flooring needs.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring: 

Luxury vinyl flooring has evolved significantly, offering a wide array of choices, from versatile designs to stain-resistant properties. Explore designer luxury vinyl collections that not only provide water and stain resistance but also boast incredible durability and affordability. 

Choices Flooring boasts an extensive array of luxury vinyl flooring in different colours and styles, including options that mimic the appearance of stone and timber, offering a luxurious aesthetic at an affordable price. Genero is one of our best-selling luxury vinyl flooring collections to choose from.

Consult with one of our luxury vinyl flooring experts at Choices Flooring for assistance; we are dedicated to providing you with the finest luxury vinyl flooring tailored to your specific needs. 


Timber Flooring: 

Uncover the timeless charm and warmth of timber flooring at Choices Flooring. Celebrated for its natural beauty, our timber floor collection offers a diverse range of colours and styles, seamlessly complementing your space's decor. Embracing timber flooring is an investment in both practicality and aesthetic appeal, standing the test of time. Explore our Plantino Engineered collections, where style meets durability. Dive into the details of our Plantino Engineered Oak Regal range, crafted with family-friendly ease of maintenance in mind

Choosing the perfect timber flooring for your home involves thoughtful considerations of factors such as wood type, colour, price, and lifestyle. Recognising that timber flooring is more than a mere floor covering, Choices Flooring understands its role as a lasting investment in your home's character and value. Our timber flooring experts stand ready to guide customers in making informed decisions tailored to their unique flooring needs.


Rigid/ Hybrid Flooring:

For those seeking a flooring option that seamlessly integrates the authentic look of timber with the durability of luxury vinyl and laminate, rigid/ hybrid flooring at Choices Flooring emerges as the perfect choice. With heightened density, rigid/ hybrid floors exhibit outstanding stability and excel in sound absorption. Their remarkable resistance to scratches, scuffs, and stains makes them an optimal selection for households with active children and pets. 

Dive into the Abode rigid/ hybrid Collection, offering an extensive array of nearly 40 designs. Whether your preference leans towards modern greys or classic oaks, you're sure to find the ideal rigid/ hybrid flooring solution that complements your home's unique style. Talk to our rigid/ hybrid flooring experts to get the best rigid/ hybrid flooring solution.



Searching for an affordable yet resilient flooring option? Look no further than Laminate Flooring – the solution you've been seeking. With remarkable advancements in the flooring industry, distinguishing between genuine timber and timber-look laminate has become a challenge. At Choices Flooring, we proudly present an exclusive array of laminate flooring brands, including Plantino Laminate Aqua, radiating quality and style; Plantino Laminate Manor, featuring long and wide boards; and Plantino Laminate Nexis, a stunning Aussie species complemented by on-trend oak colours. 

Installing these planks is a breeze, making them perfect for placement over subfloors like concrete or hardwood. Cleaning is a delight with laminate flooring, thanks to its non-porous and anti-static properties, ensuring that wiping away dust and grime is effortless.

Consult with our laminate flooring experts, who are guaranteed to provide you with the right flooring advice tailored to your specific needs.



Discover a world of design possibilities with our versatile rug collection at Choices Flooring. Revive your living spaces into cozy retreats with Choices Flooring's exquisite range of rugs. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home while enjoying the luxurious comfort underfoot that only good-quality rugs can offer. Our carefully curated collection encompasses a diverse array of styles, patterns, and textures, ensuring there's a perfect rug to complement every room in your home.

Our team of flooring experts is ready to assist you in finding the ideal rug for your home. From style recommendations to practical considerations, we offer personalised advice to ensure your rug selection perfectly aligns with your vision.


Blinds and Shutters:

Enhance the ambiance of your living spaces with our exquisite collection of blinds and shutters, meticulously curated to elevate both form and function in your home. At Choices Flooring, we understand that window treatments play a pivotal role in shaping the character of a room. That's why our extensive range is designed to cater to diverse tastes, offering the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, versatility, and practicality. From classic designs to contemporary trends, our range caters to various interior aesthetics, ensuring a perfect fit for every room in your home. Our blinds and shutters are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity. Our team of flooring and window treatment experts is at your service, ready to assist you in finding the perfect blinds or shutters for your home. From material recommendations to measuring and installation, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure a seamless experience.


RoomView Home Visualiser App:

Rebuilding or constructing a new home can be a daunting task. RoomView is here to alleviate your stress and provide peace of mind throughout your home decorating journey. The best part? It's entirely free to use! RoomView is a user-friendly, complimentary tool by Choices Flooring designed to eliminate the guesswork. It empowers you to visualise and choose the ideal flooring, blinds, and rugs, making the decision-making process both simpler and more enjoyable.

Choices Flooring values and appreciates your creations. Your vision helps them better understand your preferences. Once you've discovered the perfect choice, simply fill out the Free Measure & Quote form within the app. It will be promptly sent to your Choices Flooring, where further assistance awaits. Enjoy the seamless and stress-free journey of transforming your home with RoomView!

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