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Floors to Keep up with Kids

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There’s a few certainties in life – and when it come to kids, we know that mess will be made!

So when it comes to designing your child’s room you need to spare a thought for what exactly will be going on in their room? Is it doubling as their play room as well? Are you changing themes are they grow? Or are you simply looking to secure basics and then mix and match with accessories as they experience difference phases?

There are so many things to think of when it comes to flooring your child’s bedroom. Let’s explore a few options for you which may help take the burden out of flooring shopping for your child’s room.

Carpet is a traditional flooring option for any bedroom but it’s an even more common choice for children’s bedrooms. Many children’s bedrooms are a haven for playful children, so by using any of our family friendly carpets such as solution dyed nylon, triexta, nylon or PET carpets you can be assured they are tough, durable and hard wearing carpet solutions to handle heavy foot traffic as well as providing good sound insulation so the rest of the household is at peace!

Timber flooring is perfect for a child’s room. Timber is a durable wearing flooring that suits a domestic goddess who wants happy kids rather than the typical clean your bedroom banter. However, a setback for the timber flooring options it isn’t often budget friendly, but you can make a solid upfront investment it can work and then gives you the opportunity to change your d├ęcor with accessories such as floor rugs.  Rugs also add an extra layer of protection to your floor and look wonderful against timber flooring as well as feeling great underfoot for kids.

Laminate is a very affordable, user friendly alternative, to hardwood timber flooring.  Coming from pressed fibres and/or wood particles which naturally produce harsh chemicals and toxins into your child’s sleeping environment. However, in a room where mess may occur, laminate flooring is easy to clean and scratch repellent.

If you want to have a slightly nicer feel, a more upscale option is luxury vinyl. If your kids sometimes remind you of a cyclone, vinyl is an incredibly resilient flooring option to consider without sacrificing an elegant finish. Its absolute bang for your buck, does not hold stains, it is water resistant and no matter what category cyclone child delivers, it’s pretty hard to cause extensive damage.  Plus it is one of the quieter of all hard flooring options!

As the kids grow up and eventually will move out, you may consider converting this into a guest room, which will impact what type of flooring you choose.

At Choices Flooring, we offer hundreds of flooring solutions. We look forward to welcoming you into a nearby store where you will find one of Australia’s largest selections of flooring.

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