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From store to floor

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Your sales consultant will assist you with this process and ensure you leave having found the floor you’ve been searching for. It is important to also check the pricing structure at your local store. Some Choices Flooring stores include extra services within their final prices to make the installation of your flooring easy. These extra services may include, but are not limited to the following:

• Installation
• The moving of furniture
• Removal and disposal of old flooring
• Floor preparation
• Borders and trims
• Stair accessories
• Underlay


    Once you have selected your flooring, an installer will come to your house to measure the rooms and determine whether there is any sub-flooring issues. This is a great time to ask any questions regarding the installation process and determine a timeline for the project to be completed. You should also enquire what furniture and items need to be moved out of the rooms prior to installation. Typically, you will be responsible for clearing everything out of the rooms before the installers arrive unless you arrange for items to be moved as part of the installation
If you have selected hard flooring for your home, the product will need to be delivered, in a majority of cases, several days prior to installation so it can acclimatise to your home’s temperature and humidity levels before it is installed. If flooring is installed without first acclimating there will be a risk of cupping, shrinking and expanding.

Prior to installation it is important to empty out the space, leaving clear paths for the installers.
If this service is not included in your final invoice, you may want to consider the following:
• Completely clear out each room and every closet that has clothing
• Take down any artwork, mirrors and any decorative items
• Disconnect all electronics, TV and Hi-Fi connections
• Office desks or free standing storage
• Empty the contents of china cabinets, draws, shelves that contains food, glass or other fragile items
• Disengage all appliances
• Tape plastic bags over heating vents (this will keep your air filters free of any dust), you may want to consult a ventilation professional to ensure everything will still work effectively.

Depending on the size of your home, most installations are completed within one or two days (your local Choices Flooring store can give you a better idea once they see a plan of your home).

The installer will often set up their equipment outside your home (weather permitting) to reduce the amount of dust. However, even with barrier systems in place, there will more than likely be missed layers of dust around your home.

Depending on the type of flooring you’ve chosen there can be some strong odours from glues and adhesives.

Children and pets are to be kept away from the area during installation, additionally there will be a fair amount of noise on-site, the best plan may be to avoid the site altogether for the duration of the installation. This way you’ll be out of your installer’s way, and by the time you get back everything will ready to go.

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