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Glamorous Decorating Tips

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The refurbishment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relatively modest three-bedroom home, Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace is underway. Whilst it’s not huge by royal standards - Prince William lives in a neighbouring 19-room suite – with Meghan’s love of creamy white flower-filled interiors, the result is sure to be glamorous.

True glamour takes money to achieve. However, there are a few tricks of the trade that can be utilised to suit a variety of budgets. Interior stylist and designer, Tahn Scoon shares her top five.

Embrace neutrals

Most glamourous interiors have a neutral colour scheme at their base. Think Coco Chanel’s black and white apartment, a hotel suite in soft cream and taupe or a high-end lobby in greys and silvers. If there is an accent colour it is used sparingly, say a hint of blush in the cream and taupe scheme. Neutral base. Restricted palette.

Add shine

A metallic shine will up the glam stakes instantly. Add brass or gold elements to a warm palette or silver to a cool. You can incorporate your chosen metallic finish in lighting, side tables, picture frames and hardware. You can also add shine by way of mirror, glass, crystal and polished marble.

Consider the details

Upholstered furniture can be deep buttoned or embellished with a row of studs. Roman blinds and curtains can be bordered with a contrasting hem. Walls made more decorative with ornate panelling. Cushions can be piped, bordered or buttoned – and filled with feathers. It’s all in the details.

Scale up

One large area rug looks more impressive than a couple of small rugs. As does one large scale artwork or furniture piece over a collection of smaller pieces. Restrict how many pieces you have in a room but make each piece a statement. However, don’t neglect symmetry. Two lamps placed either side of a mantle or two side tables placed either side of a sofa will lend a more tailored look.

Style with finesse

Time to add the finishing touches. Add merino wool throws, feather filled cushions and bucket loads of flowers (Meghan prefers peonies). The trick to more sophisticated interiors is to style in a more tailored fashion. Fold rather than drape throws, line cushions up neatly, and opt for a formal floral arrangement over a ‘freshly picked and popped in a vase’ country style affair.

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