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Hallway Flooring

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There is no rule for what can be used in hallways in the home, however, generally hard flooring is the most suitable option due to its durability and ease of cleaning. 

And whether the household has a ‘leave your shoes at the door’ rule, will depend on what is being tracked into the home in the first steps. 

Below are some tips for entrance hallways depending on what flooring type is chosen:

Hard Flooring

If you have a narrow entrance hallway, to make it feel bigger choose a long plank from any of the hard flooring options on offer.

Also think about choosing a light design to create a sense of space in the lead up to the other rooms in the home.

Long planks and light colours will expand the hallway and will make it look less congested.

For regular to wider hallways, choose from a variety of board widths. Remember that wide boards are best installed in open planned areas, to get the full effect of the wide board visual.




It is always best to choose a neutral carpet, but not too light if used in a hallway entrance.

Over time, foot traffic may leave marks, and it is recommended to use a ‘cut off’ of the carpet used throughout the rest of the home. It will protect the carpet in the first few steps on entrance and keep your carpet looking good for longer.




Runners are the perfect statement piece for a hallway. Runners can be used to break up a long hallway and can offer a softness to a space in the entrance to the home.

Try going for just one runner rather than a few to make for a seamless transition.

Try using RoomView to see how a runner looks in your entrance Hallway.

Simply upload an image of your hallway and see it transform in an instant!


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