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How To Add Warmth To Your Home

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As we head into the cooler months, we start to think about warming our homes. We can make our homes physically warmer by turning on the heat, tracking and blocking any drafts and adding thick wool throws to wrap ourselves in – but we can also add warmth in more subtle ways. Ways that are less literal but just as soothing to the psyche and soul. Interior decorator and author, Tahn Scoon shares her favourite winter styling tips…

Change up your colour scheme:

Whilst crisp whites and cool blues work wonderfully in summer, swapping them out for warm hues will create cosier interiors in the cooler months. This is where slip-covered sofas come into their own. Select white cotton covers for summer, and warm ecru or chocolate for winter. If you don’t have slipcovers, you can of course replace light scatter cushions with darker, more heavily textured ones and add toasty cable-knit throws.

Mason jars:

Fill classic mason jars with homemade biscuits, coffee, cacao and sugar and display them on your bench or pantry shelf. When the weather is a little damp and miserable outside, there’s something incredibly satisfying in having plentiful supplies of comforting food – it perhaps appeals to our desire to hibernate.


Thick curtains:

A filmy white translucent diffuses harsh light in summer, and flutters beautifully in a soft breeze – however, in winter a little more protection from the elements is required. Replace, or layer by way of a double rod system, sheer curtains with heavy, lined drapes. They’ll keep your home warmer, help to cut down on noise and create a cosier ambience.


It’s a nice idea to slip shoes off at the front door, as it prevents a lot of dirt and bacteria being transported into the house. However, in the cooler months, hard floors can be a little cold on the feet (especially in Australia where underfloor heating isn’t common). In this case, provide hotel-style or machine washable slippers for family and guests to ensure their toes stay warm.

Layered floors:

For similar reasons, layer floors with rugs. Whilst bare floors strewn with cotton rugs might be fine for summer – in winter, you want something more substantial. Thick, wool rugs work best. They feel delightful underfoot and are comfortable for children to play on. Select warm tones in a shade or two lighter or darker than your sofa.

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