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How to Choose the Right Rug

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Now that the temperature has started to drop, one of the easiest ways to finish off the look of a room and give it a good dose of warmth, personality and style is with a rug.  Yet it’s actually a piece you should consider first – rather than leave as an afterthought.

Find out how to pick the perfect rug and design your room from the floor up with our simple tips.


The rug needs to be scaled to fit in with the rest of your d├ęcor. As a rule, it’s best to be generous and treat your rug as an anchor point for a room. After all, there is nothing more miserable than seeing a small rug in front of a large sofa!

If you have the space, place all your furniture on the rug and use it to visually ground the room. Or at the very least, ensure the couch or bed connects with the rug so the spaces feels cohesive and unified. When it comes to dining rooms, rugs generally need to be large enough to accommodate a dining chair in the pulled out position. This means a 2m x 3m rug is a great option for a six-seater dining table and an eight-seater generally needs a 2.5m x 3.5m.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure whether a rug you’re considering is right, use newspaper or masking tape to map out the size.


The material you choose depends on where your rug is going to be positioned and what purpose it will serve. Ask yourself is there much foot traffic in the room? Do you want the rug to be purely functional or add a touch of luxury? If it needs to be durable, look for synthetic fibres, wool blends or natural fibres such as sisal, which can take a lot of wear and tear.

Pro Tip: Some of our most popular rugs that stack up to busy family life are the fashion forward Bayliss Hive, versatile Bayliss Latitude Auroa and luxe Bayliss Orlando.


A rug is a clever way to add texture and colour to your home. After all, good rugs can be like art for your floor! Just remember, to look at a space holistically as it needs to balance against all other elements in the room.

Pro Tip: If there is already a lot going on in the space, stick to a neutral rug like, Bayliss Wentworth. While a playful pattern works well if your furniture is a solid colour.

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