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How to Decorate with Neutral Tones Like a Pro

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Neutral-toned rooms don’t have to be bland. In fact, a calming colour palette is the perfect base for any home. Find out how to give your home a neutral makeover – from the floor up – with these simple tips.

Keep it in the (colour) family

When choosing your wall colours and flooring, work with a neutral palette that is based on a broad range of shades from the same family. This will make your home feel unified and harmonious while allowing each room to have it’s own mood.

Grey Matter

A neutral palette doesn’t mean you have to stick to beige. Grey is a stylish alternative that complements just about any other colour. In fact, one of our favourite foundations for any room is Trixeta Carpet – Prose in slate grey. This ultra soft and luxurious carpet pairs perfectly with blue accent décor to create a sophisticated oasis.

Mix Master

Think you can’t mix timber flooring with timber furniture for a neutral look? Then think again!

Look at the undertone of your timber floor to see if it has a warm or cool base colour, and then continue to match it with varied light to dark shades. Keep in mind that it’s best to stick to three timber looks – any more than that and it can start to feel disconnected.

Alternatively, you can contrast your timbers. For example, combine the beautiful, rich Plantino Engineered Oak Floorboards in Pompeii with a whitewashed timber dining table.

Endless Options

The biggest advantage of neutrals is that they are versatile enough to partner with most colours and decorating styles.  Keep the bones of a room – window treatments, wall colour and flooring – neutral and bring in personality with your furniture and décor selection. Taking this approach, means it’s also easy to refresh your home over the years as trends and personal preferences change without having to do a major overhaul.

Don’t Mess with an All-White Bathroom

There’s nothing like an all-white bathroom to make it feel like a retreat from the rest of a home’s activity. Get the look with bright white tiles like Eclipse White that will create a spa-like effect that is understated yet indulgent.

Shape Shifter

If you’re working with neutral tones, shape is an easy way to add panache to your room. Consider furniture, like a beautiful chaise lounge or chair with a distinct silhouette, to keep your space looking fresh.

Turn up the Shimmer

Mirrored and metallic surfaces bring impact to neutral spaces. If you’re after a modern look, introduce chrome, iron or brass accents. While gilded finishes are a great choice for more traditional homes.

Texture play

In a space where neutrals reign, create visual interest by introducing a textured rug like the hand-loomed Bayliss Alpine wool rug. This will enrich the appeal of your room while being on-point with your colour scheme.

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