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Living Room Flooring

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It needs to stand up to the daily use of the whole family, including, in many homes, kids and pets, so it’s vital it’s durable. It also has to be easy to clean and maintain as the room is going to see a lot of footsteps as well as possible spills. And, of course, you need to love the look of your floor, too.

Genero Longboard Washed - Spotted Gum

If a surface that’s warm and soft underfoot is number one on your list of criteria, you may well think carpet is the best living room flooring for your home.  Carpet for a living room should be hard wearing and stain resistant, in a colour tone that may also be able to ‘hide’ pet hair, or the odd snack.

Brease Kinsella - Pheonix
Family friendly living room carpet options include our Brease, Eternity, Serenity and Harlow carpet ranges that offer exceptional stain resistance and stunning colour tones to suit most homes.  For those households that may not require such extreme stain resistant options, a wool carpet may be an option. 
Boasting a beautiful natural look and feel, wool carpets in living rooms create a sense of luxury and sophistication. 

Windsor Wool Hartsville - Sweet Melon

The Windsor Wool carpet range has a stunning selection of styles, from traditional twist to the latest in oversized loop carpets.

Another of the living room flooring ideas we’re huge fans of is using hard flooring. Whilst it may not have the softness that resonates with living room carpet, it provides peace of mind when it comes to life’s little accidents due to it being easier to clean and maintain.  Plus, a rug can be easily added to a living room, to soften the foundation of the look and create warmth and texture.

Abode Wide Board - Malmo Oak

It’s hard to go past Hybrid flooring for the living room.  Hybrid has all the benefits of Laminate and Vinyl put together, and a standout feature is its durability and resistance to water and scratches, making for a smart decision for a room that gets the most foot traffic. Our Abode Hybrid range is a must for anyone considering a hard floor for the home.

Plantino Native Landmark - Spotted Gum

Timber flooring is also another flooring option for a living room.  Each board is unique in its design and structure and can really be used as the focus of a living room. However, timber flooring may not be as hardy to take the daily knocks of family activity as compared to the latest in Hybrid flooring, however, should never be overlooked due to its quality and natural aesthetic for the home.  Our Plantino Engineered Oak range is one to consider. 

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