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Make 2-bedroom home look BIG with the Right Flooring & Window Furnishings!

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Smaller homes are growing in popularity as more and more people are deciding to live simpler yet fuller lives with less responsibility and minimalist yet stylish lifestyle. Also, a 2 bedroom home or apartment can provide substantial savings in tax, maintenance, and also a reduced ecological impact.
Still many people are under the impression that a 2/3-bedroom home/apartment or a granny flat is always less luxurious than 4/5 bedroom home. The secret to getting that spacious feel to a floor plan of petite proportions, besides floor plan design, natural light and neutral tones is the right selection of flooring and window furnishings!
Other than your walls, your floor is one of the largest blank canvases in the home, so what you use for your flooring will have a major influence on the way your 2-bedroom home or granny flat or apartment looks and feels. One can make small spaces look big with one type of flooring from one area to the next, giving it an uninterrupted flow, making it feel as if the rooms are part of one large space.
Whether you choose the plush touch of a dense carpet or calm and collected feel of timber or versatility of a hybrid flooring, the choice will depend on your taste, budget, durability and functionality. Our GENERO and ABODE ranges can help you incorporate the expansive look that you are after. ABODE from Choices Flooring is an evolution in hard flooring which has the virtual appearance of timber, yet it combines the best attributes of laminate and luxury vinyl.  Not only it is water resistant, but it can withstand direct heat and extreme cold. Choosing a large format design from Abode or Genero with fewer grout lines will give a much spacious look to your 2-bedroom home/apartment or a granny flat.  
A quality carpet from our range of Asthma Friendly, Natural, Ultimate or Family Friendly Choices can take the floor of your apartment from drab to fab. Use of carpets can transform the look of your floor because it softens the look of your home, absorbs noise and at the same time create a cosy, nurturing environment.

An aesthetic feature such as blinds and window furnishings though subtle but has a huge impact on the ambiance and overall appearance of your granny flat. We at Choices believe that windows are a powerful design element and right furnishings from our MOOD collection will let you transform the look of your apartment and help you set the mood.

An area rug is another great idea to add texture, comfort, protection and bring decorative detail to your floor. Also, rugs are so easy to exchange and upgrade.
If you’re floored by which material to choose, try testing each trend at home before you invest. The Choices Flooring RoomView program is a free tool which allows you to view different flooring options in your home in a simple photo upload. All you need is photos of the rooms you intend to decorate, and then you can filter flooring by colour tone, design and style!


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