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Meet Christine and Barry

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See how Christine and Barry transformed their home

After 25 years of love and wear from their beautiful children, and now grandchildren, Christine and Barry thought it was time to make a return to the sophistication their home had once evoked.

Meet Christine and Barry.

Christine and Barry, both ‘sixty-something,’ had made over two decades of glorious memories in their family home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. After raising their three children, and then fairly recently welcoming four delightful grandchildren, the once-soft carpet and lustrous walls they had enjoyed had started to look very tired.

A keen entertainer, Christine felt it was time to return her home to the sophistication she’d long envisioned. Barry agreed, yet was conscious of investing in quality flooring that would also withstand their grandchildren’s misadventures.

Transformation begins with inspiration

Having been some years since she’d styled her home, Christine wanted to explore all options. To do so, she ordered a copy of the latest Inspiring Choices Magazine.

Thinking she’d simply be choosing between a few different carpet colours, Christine “couldn’t believe the diversity of flooring choices these days!” She noted down the details of her nearest store, which were attached to the front of the magazine, and resolved to research more online.

Christine and Barry’s vision

Christine and Barry both agreed that their current mid-brown walls and light carpet (now stained!) were a far cry from the bright, stylish family home they wanted to create. Christine couldn’t stand their current bathrooms and kitchen that featured square beige tiles that were now chipped and faded, and had looked out of fashion for at least a decade. They both wanted a much more modern look.

The pair felt that darker floors would work well, and that they’d complement these with bright walls - perhaps even a feature wall - to highlight their beloved family and travel photos. For the wet areas, Christine dreamt about timber flooring that would make her kitchen and bathroom cabinetry stand out.

Exploring options on the Choices Flooring website

Keen to find out more about their options, Christine and Barry visited the Choices Flooring website.

Choosing carpet

Christine got some great ideas about colour palettes from the Inspiration section, and Barry was relieved to discover that the quiz helped him answer some of his most burning questions about carpets: specifically, which ones were stain-resistant!

The pair decided they’d further explore the Triexta carpet range, owing to the fact that it was both high quality and resisted stains.

Choosing hard floors

Christine had her heart set on timber flooring, but soon realised that Luxury Vinyl would be a much better option, as it was warmer, quieter underfoot, and a big bonus - they wouldn’t need to pull up their existing tiles! These benefits seemed ideal for their situation as they’d been concerned about feeling the cold as they got older and had wanted something quiet for their somewhat boisterous grandchildren.

Adding window furnishings

While she loved the idea of changing just her floors and walls, Christine had long known that her cracking, dusty blinds in her living room would look even more out of the place when this happened, She was excited to see that she could also replace her window furnishings with Choices Flooring, and she soon found the plantation shutters she’d always wanted.

Shortlisting colours

Using the colour filter on the website, Christine and Barry decided they’d prefer warm/dark colours for their carpet and warm/mid colours for their luxury vinyl. They’d contrast these with stark white plantation shutters.

With three colours shortlisted for their carpet, five for the luxury vinyl, and just one for their shutters, Christine and Barry saved their options to ‘My Choices’ on the website and then sent them to their nearest Choices Flooring store to await an appointment for their free measure and quote.

Seeing their choices in the flesh

Using the Inspiration Station

Christine and Barry’s local Choices Flooring store contacted them within 24 hours to arrange a measure and quote, and within a few days their home was measured. They were provided with samples of their chosen flooring colours, which they keep to ensure they like what they see in both daytime (natural) and night time (artificial) light.

After a couple of days of thinking about it, though, Christine and Barry couldn’t agree on what would look best! They visited their local store, who recommend that they take photos of their rooms and upload them via the Inspiration Station, enabling them to see how their flooring choices would look in the flesh.

They did just this, and also grabbed their unique code from the website, before heading back into their local store. Seeing their choices come to life immensely helped Christine and Barry make their final decision.

Installation time

Excited to get things moving, Christine and Barry requested a final quote ASAP. They opted for a pricing option that included the removal of their existing carpet, preparation of their tiled area (for their luxury vinyl), and furniture removal, so as to save the hassle of doing it themselves.

Soon, it was installation day! After just a few short days, Christine and Barry had their new carpet, luxury vinyl and plantation shutters installed, and it was time to invite the family over to admire them.

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