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Naturally Beautiful Temuka

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Wool is a natural fibre that’s been used in carpet for centuries and is the perfect natural choice for those looking to add beauty and luxury to their home. Wool carpet is incredibly durable, it also naturally resists stains and disguises dirt, meaning it will maintain its appearance over many years. If you suffer from allergies, the beauty of wool extends to its health benefits.


Why invest in Wool Carpet?

Wool carpet resists dust mites, mould and bacteria and its fibres cannot be inhaled making it a great natural, non-allergenic choice. In addition to looking good, wool carpet absorbs sound and cushions the home against echo and room to room transfer noise. With the added benefit of being naturally fire resistant, it’s a simple choice. Available in a range of colours, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your desired shade. Whichever wool carpet option you choose, you’ll love its natural beauty, durability and take comfort in its enduring quality.


The Temuka Pure Wool Carpet Collection celebrates nature’s fibre like no other. These carpets are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are exquisitely soft. These loop pile carpets are extra heavy-duty, hardwearing and robust. And, with the right kind of care and maintenance will last you a lifetime. A Temuka pure wool carpet is also hypoallergenic and low in odours and toxins.
Ultimately the carpet makes for a smart and ecological choice. As a material, it offers insulation properties. This means, your home feels warmer in winter but cooler in summer.


Reward your instincts with the unmatched luxury of Temuka wool carpet. Temuka brings the natural warmth, luxury and strength of wool carpet into your home. Its natural wool fibres and fashionable designs, Temuka wool carpet will allow you to create the perfect ambiance for your home.


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