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Off the Floor and onto your Wall!

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Timber panelling on walls is trending hard right now - and with good reason! It does great things to a room and depending on how you apply it, the benefits are huge. Now, I know what you’re thinking; timber panelling is something straight from the 60s! But just like fashion, interior trends are cyclical, and timber panelling is having its time again.

The good news is that modern timber panelling is dramatically better than the stuff your parents had in their home, and it’s a look that’ll last for years to come. The panels also easy to install, and most come in simple tongue and groove configurations. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of taking timber from your floors and putting it on your walls.

A Point of Interest

In years gone by, feature walls were either painted a bold colour (like deep purple), or wallpapered to create a dramatic, eye-catching moment. Timber panelling is another great way to create a feature in your home on one wall, but without the loud, ‘look at me’ moment that paint or wallpaper evokes. Timber panelling, especially if painted white, brings a sense of interest but in a softer, more subdued way. And if you want to change the look up over time, just splash on a lick of paint.

Optical Illusion

In the past, if you wanted to make a space feel bigger, you’d often paint stripes onto your wall. Horizontal is you wanted the room to feel wider, and vertical if you wanted it to feel taller. The trick usually worked, of course, but it was really hard on the eye over time. Timber panelling is an effective way to make your space feel larger or taller, but again, on a much subtler scale. It’s a really nice look in a smaller entryway, kitchen or bathroom, but you can panel walls in any room and still have it look amazing.

Much-Needed Warmth

Texture in a space is key in making it feel inviting. Usually we tend to opt for small-scale textural moments like cushions, throws, carpet and window treatments to make a room feel cosy. But don’t underestimate the warmth timber panelling can bring to a space. Not only are timber panels tactile (the sort of material you want to walk up to and touch), but if you opt for ones with exposed wood grain, it really will warm up a room like no other material can.

That Natural Vibe

I love the look of timber panels in homes that are closer to the elements, too. Think bright white panels on walls in beach houses, or darker rustic versions in homes in rural, bush settings. Of course, if you’re not living in environments like this, timber panels are a great way to channel that vibe and bring a little nature indoors. Hopefully the above has inspired you to give timber wall panels a go in your own home. Why not start off in a smaller zone, like a laundry or bathroom, and see how it impacts the look at feel of the room?

Happy decorating!

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