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Six Bathroom Trends To Inspire You

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Bathrooms are no longer simply functional spaces to wash and go. Increasingly, they are more individualised and designed to reflect the rest of a home’s style.

To help you renovate or create the perfect bathroom, we’ve rounded up the six biggest trends for the smallest room in the house!

Upsize Tiles

Go big with large format tiles. Less grout lines mean it’s an effective way to create a more sleek and streamlined space.

Think your compact bathroom won’t suit large-scale tiles? Think again! Using oversized tiles in a small area tricks the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is and creates a sense of scale where it doesn’t naturally exist.

Some of our most popular large format tiles are Eclipse Lunar in Charcoal, Eclipse Orbit in Stratos and Eclipse Zenith in Sardinia.

Floating Around

Floating, or wall-mounted, vanities are one of the biggest trends in bathroom design. Less heavy in appearance than traditional, freestanding vanities; they offer a clean, modern look that’s great for small or minimalist spaces.

Natural Beauty

Natural timber is giving bathrooms some much-needed warmth. Get the look with timber floors, wooden vanities or timber look tiles. Just make sure you bring in some earthy elements to balance the space out.

New Ways To Lay

Break with the tradition of laying tiles in a standard ‘brick’ format. Instead, we’re seeing artfully arranged herringbone, diamond, random checkerboard, straight-lay grids and diagonal formats. The more creative, the better!

Go Frameless

It’s time to say goodbye to your shower curtain! While sleek, frameless screens were once the domain of ‘high end’ bathrooms, they are now becoming far more commonplace in all homes. Not only does a frameless shower screen make any space instantly feel bigger and brighter, it will also complement just about any interior style.

Wonderful Wallpaper

Experts agree that wallpaper in the living, dining and bedroom is a definite design do - but did you know that the latest crop of washable, vinyl-coated or fully vinyl options also make it a striking addition to your bathroom? Made especially for damp environments, they won’t peel while giving the perfect dose of colour, texture and personality.

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