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Soundproof Flooring | How to Soundproof Floors | Choices Flooring

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Ideally, our aesthetic dreams will match what works practically for us in our home. Timber floors are beautiful - however, creaky floors and reverberation in rooms can make someone think twice about wanting timber floors. Luckily, there are options for soundproofing your laminate or timber flooring.

Soundproofing an existing floor

Looking to soundproof flooring for upstairs? Maybe you can always hear when someone is walking around the second floor of your home. If you like the flooring you currently have, you might be looking for a quick fix for soundproofing your second floor. One easy way to soundproof your floors is to purchase a soundproof floor mat or rug. Soundproof floor mats help absorb sound, particularly from walking or jumping. If you’re in an apartment and like doing at home workouts, your neighbors will thank you for getting a soundproof floor mat. Or, if your kids like to run around upstairs, this can help keep things quiet downstairs. Even an area rug can help quiet the underfoot in your home, since it will help to absorb footsteps.


Another creative way to soundproof between floors is to insulate the ceiling. Along with a new floor, you can add insulation to the first-floor ceiling which can help dampen noises from upstairs. There are also options like soundproof paint, although this option is better for low to moderate noise.




What kind of flooring should I use for soundproofing?

If you’re wanting to replace your floors with new, noise reducing planks, you have lots of options. Many of our flooring options at Choices Flooring are quiet underfoot and are great for second floors or apartments. Luxury vinyl installed with a soundproof underlay is a good option for any home. Our luxury vinyl flooring is comfortable, durable, and quiet. Quiet underfoot, Genero Zenith is a stunning soundproof luxury vinyl flooring option.

By adding an acoustic underlay, you’ll reduce noise from footsteps, drops, and other movement.

If you prefer Hybrid flooring, Abode Wide Board is a stylish soundproof flooring option that pass the NCC/BCA which specify requirements for acoustics to ensure the safety, health, well being and comfort of the end occupants.

The type of material your floor is made out of can impact how soundproof it is. For example, laminate flooring tends to be the loudest, due to its light weight. Solid timber flooring can provide the most soundproofing, since it’s a heavier material. That being said, without any soundproofing underlay, any wood flooring will create more noise and echo than carpet.



Carpet - a perfect soundproof flooring option

Carpet provides exceptional sound absorption by reducing reverberation. The pile in carpet can muffle sound waves, preventing a percentage of the vibration to reflect and echo across the air. It can almost eliminate impact noises produced by footsteps, items dropped, and chair legs scrapped across a floor. Eternity Delano is a great soundproof carpet option due to its pile weight and thickness.



Most carpet will be installed with carpet underlay laid down first before the carpet is put Carpet underlay comes in various thickness depending on how much comfort underfoot and noise absorption you require. Carpet underlay comes in a variety of materials.

When visiting your local Choices Flooring store, one of our friendly team members will be able to show you various flooring underlay samples and discuss the best options for sound proofing your floors.

At Choices Flooring, we can help you choose the best soundproof floor for your needs. See what we have to offer at your local store, or shop online. Visit your nearest Store today!

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