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Sustainable Style

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Some of the most impressive features of a home often lie in the hidden details. That’s what makes sustainable style so alluring. Beautiful design crafted from eco-friendly materials and ethical processes are easy on the eye and (though you can’t tell at first glance) easy on the environment, too. The best place to start? From the ground up.  
For instance, there’s more to the wide planks of Plantino Native Landmark than meets the eye. Inspiring visual warmth, the Engineered Timber flooring is crafted from sustainable harvesting processes that aim to sustain natural forest diversity. This eco-friendly timber alternative not only gets the green tick, but also taps into the growing trend of biophilic design, which connects people to the natural world within the home.  

Eco Friendly_Plantino_Native_Landmark_Spotted_Gum
Decorating your interiors with nature-inspired materials is proven to create a serene space, boost mood, reduce stress, and even enhance clarity. So why not give it a go? Underfoot, the golden hue of Plantino Native Landmark Spotted Gum evokes a sense of the great outdoors and is ideally suited to rustic, country homes. For coastal interiors, the sandy shade of Plantino Native Landmark Blackbutt imparts a refined, laidback feel. To soften the space and add texture, layer your hard flooring with rugs or runners in a timeless natural palette.
Vinyl flooring has also benefited from a green makeover. Genero Design luxury vinyl planks contain 40% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, thanks to the Recofloor program co-founded by Polyflor. To alleviate landfill, the program recovers and transforms your used vinyl planks into practical items like traffic cones, so you can enrich your space with gorgeous flooring that can be upcycled in future renovations.   

Influenced by the organic patterns and tactility of timber, recycled vinyl flooring can seamlessly blend into any interior scheme — sans the downfalls of traditional timber. Instead of amplifying noisy footsteps, these durable, easy-to-clean floors soften sound to create a quieter, warmer ambience in any room. And don’t be afraid to showcase verdant indoor plants (like monstera or the beloved fiddle leaf fig) on these stylish planks, as they’re designed with a clear wear layer to protect from stains and spills. Plus, the greenery will enhance your indoor-outdoor connection.       
Even your carpet underlay can leave a lighter footprint on the environment. Underlay already makes a difference by extending the life of your carpet — and providing a cosy pillow for your feet — but Dunlop Recycled Underlays are as the name suggests: 100% recyclable and made from 90% recycled materials. This means that discarded foam underlay previously used (together with off-cuts and trims) are cleaned, sorted, and given a new life. Bedrooms are the perfect place to showcase sustainable carpet. Pair charcoal grey carpet with luxurious linen in warm tones to create a calming sanctuary for a sound night’s sleep.

For your next renovation, consider updating your interiors with designs that balance beauty with ecological features. In 2023, there’s such a vast variety of sustainable designs available that it’s easier to go green than ever before.

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