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Trend forecast: Key flooring styles for 2017

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As we head into a new year it’s a good time to look at what design trends are going to be hot in 2017. These days there’s a really short amount of time from a trend being started in a studio in Milan and being imitated at our local Kmart or Ikea. Which may infuriate the trend setters in Milan but is great for bargain shoppers on the other side of the world! However if you know what trends are being forecast at the start you can get ahead of the pack and incorporate the looks into your home before it reaches saturation point and we’re all sick of it – hello marble and copper candles and chopping boards!

Design trends in flooring don’t tend to be as changeable as trends in home wares because they are a long term investment. It’s unlikely anyone is going to install green carpets in order to match Pantone’s colour of the year forecast! So when choosing flooring for your home you want to make sure you will still be happy with it in ten year's time, however you can still incorporate the latest trend in that decision too.

Overall design trends for 2017 will be focused on warm earthy tones and textures. We’re heading away from the shiny metallics we’ve seen so much of and going for more calming natural tones, including terracotta. Right now terracotta feels so 80’s to me but I’m sure in a few month's time I will be buying terracotta pots and raving about how good they look! So look for terracotta tiling to make a comeback in bathrooms and living spaces, but in a more rustic style than we saw in the 1980’s.

Light flooring has been in for a while now with the Scandi look being so dominant in home design and blonde floors are still here to stay. However dark timber is also making a coming back. Dark floors can look very elegant but if you’re in a small space make sure to team them with bright white walls to stop the room looking too dark. Alternatively, you can embrace the dark and moody look and match dark timber floors with warm tones on the wall, earthy greens (the colour for 2017) velvet fabrics and a slightly boho look.

One of the biggest trends for 2017 is a focus on natural fibres and sustainable products, so materials that used to be seen as cheap and passé are having a resurgence. Pine, cork, bamboo and plywood are all products you will be seeing more of in both flooring and furniture, with reclaimed timbers in wide planks also a big look. Herringbone patterns are still going strong, a look I personally adore and one that will never go out of style.

When it comes to carpet and rugs the focus on sustainability and hand crafted fabrics continues, with nature fibres like jute, wool and hemp being strong. The Artistan and Tribal trends will also influence rug designs, with earthy tones and Morrocan tribal patterns continuing here. I think we will see move away from the charcoal carpets we’ve seen so much of, to lighter and thicker piled carpets.

Finally, a big trend forecast for 2017 is for homes to be a calming haven from the high stress, high tech world we all live in. This will include a focus on luxurious and indulgent fabrics and textures that sooth the senses. Plush wool carpets, silk rugs, velvet sofas and chunky throws and carpet piles will all be strong as we seek to build a haven for ourselves within our home.

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