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Washable Rugs

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Rugs can add a lot of dimension and personality to a room. Cleaning them, though, can sometimes feel like more work than it’s worth. With our Kindred Washable Rugs, you’ll be able to easily clean your rug in any washing machine. Our Kindred rugs are spill and stain resistant and have non-slip backing, which makes them great for any room.


Why Your Home Needs Washable Rugs

Not only does a rug add some flavor to a room, but it can protect your flooring especially in high traffic areas. For example, runner-style rugs are great for hallways. Rugs can also protect your floor from being scratched by furniture. Area rugs are great for pulling together the colouring of a room and can help center or divide a large room. For example, an area rug underneath a couch and in front of a fireplace really focuses your eyes on that particular spot in the room. Additionally, rugs can help with sound reduction from footsteps, and can also reduce echo.

While you might think vacuuming your rug once a week is enough, it’s not the most thorough way to clean a rug. There may still be dust, hair, and deeply set stains in a non-washable rug, even after vacuuming. With a washable rug, your upkeep will be easier than ever and your rug will look more vibrant and better than ever. Washable rugs are great with someone who has kids, pets, or allergies, since it’s so easy to clean.

Washable rugs should be cleaned with a mild detergent and washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Make sure your detergent doesn’t include bleach! Air drying is often the best way to dry a rug, but some can be dried in a dryer on a low setting - refer to the tag on your rug for more washing and drying details.

Our Kindred Washable Rugs come in three different styles - Blair, Coco, and Leeroy. You can choose from 3 different sizes; 220x150mm, 270x180mm, or 300x240mm. 


                                                                    Kindred Blair



This traditional rug features a distressed, lived-in pattern of blues and earth tones. This rug would be perfect for a living room and would go great with any of our floors - perhaps with our Genero Deluxe luxury vinyl in Oyster Oak. You won’t have to worry about spills or stains, since you can simply throw this rug right into the washing machine. No more scrubbing stains out of rugs. This rug would look great with deep blue furniture for a moodier look, or sand coloured furniture for a brighter look.


                                                                    Kindred Coco


Are you looking for a rug that will brighten up your room? The Kindred Coco is a perfect choice for you. This washable rug features a beautiful peach tone with a bohemian pattern. This rug would look great with our Abode Vibe in Timeless Oak.  This rustic combo will have you feeling right at home. Add in some wood grain furniture for a cabin-themed room. Our Kindred rugs feature a 3mm low pile, making them comfortable on the feet while being incredibly easy to clean.


                                                                          Kindred Leeroy


Do you like modern, monochromatic, fun designs? Our Kindred Leeroy carpet is a great choice for you. This rug would fit well in a kid’s bedroom - while you initially might shy away from white since it shows stains, this rug is so easy to clean that you can expand your options when it comes to rooms that might have more messes. This rug could also fit well in a black-and-white living room, with white walls and floors and black furniture.


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