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Window Furnishings – Improvement of indoor air quality

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Great window treatments will enhance the look of your home, but even better, they can improve your lifestyle. From designs that offer thermal control, to materials that reduce VOCs, you can make your home warmer, cooler, more economical and cleaner just by choosing the right curtain, blind or shutter. If you’re looking to update your own window coverings, be sure to ask about the thermal and environmental qualities of the styles that catch your eye.

For example, the Worldly range is a collection of PVC rollers, panels and vertical blinds that have low chemical and particle emissions, so you can breathe easy. Sustainability is important, so consider how, where and from what a window covering is made, or look for certifications such as the Green Guard program, which means a product is scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards. From a different environmental perspective, it makes sense, too, that the right window treatment can contribute to a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills simply by helping your home to retain or reflect heat passively.

So, which window treatment should you use where? Practically speaking, blockout fabric blinds and curtains, venetian blinds and plantation shutters are ideal for bedrooms, media rooms and any space where you might want darkness during the day or to block out the harsh westerly sun in summer, depending on your home’s aspect.

Sheer curtains, panels and blinds, on the other hand, are perfect for living rooms or bathrooms where you might need privacy but still want to enjoy diffused natural light. And let’s be clear, there are no rules as to which aesthetic works best in each room – just go for the look you love, whether it’s a contemporary coastal shutter or a traditional roman blind. Keep in mind you’ll need to connect with the style of your home, but otherwise this choice comes down to your own aesthetic tastes and design ambitions.

Speaking of style, window treatments are a wonderful tool for adding decorative detail to a room. They come in a variety of materials, colours, textures and patterns. White shutters look fresh and breezy, while timber venetians lend a timeless look that suits period homes. (Though the name is Italian, some theories suggest they date back to Ancient Egypt – now that’s an enduring look!)

Fabric window dressings can be made to suit any interior to complement wall colours, carpets and even upholstery. But, can you mix and match? Absolutely. For a room with multiple windows and doors, try a combination of curtains and blinds in the same fabric or mix and match a couple of materials that share a complementary colour palette. And for spaces such as the bedroom, why not layer two styles together, such as a practical blockout roller blind beneath a decorative curtain to combine form and function. The choice really is yours, so have fun with it.

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