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Your Ultimate Country Style Guide

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Country Style

Country style is lived in and comfortable.

When styling , think about the unpolished practicality that evokes country living.

Invite the family in with generously sized couches, rugs, tables and common areas. 

Storage solutions can be decorative, grand timber and glass cabinets add functionality and class to a space. Consider installing a fireplace to set the mood. Electric Fireplaces are a safe option to elevate your style and keep your family warm in the cooler months.

Every country home needs a Hero. A classic “Grandad” style armchair is a staple to a country home. Well-loved and practical, all the time spent in it will be well worth the investment.

Quality finishes are quintessential to country style. Timber flooring brings character and warmth to a room, and more importantly lasts the time of time. 

Lay plush wool carpet throughout your bedrooms to add that cozy cottage feel. Dig your toes into Hycraft Odyssey, a carpet that comes in an array of on-trend colours.

See Plantino Timber Flooring or  to build your Farmhouse from the floor up.

Modern country style is all about textures and traditions. A country feel nods to the past through features such as traditional wall panelling, dado rails or vintage furniture and accessories. The country look isn't too matchy, mix both old and new furniture, including vintage worn pieces and eclectic combinations of bedlinen. Indoor greenery connects us back to the countryside and fresh cut foliage from Australian natives adds the perfect finishing touch.

Style Tip

Create a colour palette for your bedroom inspired by the hues found in nature, soft greens, butter yellows and pastel blues help create a relaxing space.



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