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Cheap Rugs

If you’ve been wanting a new rug - but you’re a little apprehensive because of the cost - a cheap or discounted rug could be perfect for you. If you have the time to look around before making a decision, you’ll be able to find a great deal on the rug of your dreams.

What’s your price range?

One of the first things you’ll need to do in order to find a discount rug is decide your price range. How much are you willing to spend? If you’re new to buying rugs, take a look on our website to see how much different rugs cost so that you can get an idea of what a reasonable amount would be.

A majority of rugs will cost around $400-$800, with some costing more than that (large rugs and rugs made out of higher quality materials) and some costing less. Depending on the size and type of rug you want, you can absolutely find something for under $250.

Cheap Rugs

Choices Flooring carries a wide variety of rugs in each price range. All of the rugs mentioned here are less than $250, so if you’re looking for a deal, keep reading.

For example, this Atrium Chindi Multi rug is only $140 for 120x120cm. This colourful cotton rug is a perfect way to brighten up a living room or even a loft. Since this rug is so colourful, it allows you to switch up your decor without getting a new rug. You can pull one or two colours from the rug to feature in the rest of the room.

In fact, the Atrium line of rugs is great if you’re looking for an inexpensive rug. For example, the Atrium Barker rug is only $199 for 300x80cm. It comes in a variety of colours and is made of a chunky jute knit, which will add texture to your room.

This Dimensions Fragments Blush rug goes for $249 for 300x80cm. The stunning pinks, blues, and oranges in this rug make this rug great for adding a pop of colour to any room. If you like geometric shapes, this rug is for you.

This Unitext Evoke Winter White rug is only $249 for 150x150cm. This intricate rug design draws inspiration from both modern and traditional styles, so you can expect it to stay in style for years. This rug could be the finishing touch in a modern, simplistic living room, pulling together your decor and furniture for a cohesive design. This style rug also comes in two other colours, navy and gray.

Discount Rugs

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a rug at a discounted price. Discounted rugs are cheaper for a number of reasons. For example, it may be a showroom or display rug, which means that it has been gently used in store. These rugs are often discounted, but almost always in near perfect condition. If you are okay with a rug that is not brand new, a display rug might be perfect for you.

Another reason a rug may be discounted is because of a minor flaw. This rug will be brand new, but for whatever reason, it may have gotten minor damage in transportation or something may have happened to it in manufacturing which caused it to be less than perfect. If you’re looking for a discount - and you can overlook or fix a minor issue - this type of discount rug may be perfect for you. Check with your local Choices Flooring store to see if they have any of these rugs available.

Finally, if you’re not on a strict timeline, wait for a sale. Annual or semi-annual flooring sales can get you great deals on rugs that are otherwise out of your price range.

A little bit of research and work can get you a long way when it comes to finding a cheap rug. If you want to see more rugs or if you want more help picking out a rug in your price range, come into one of our 140+ Choices Flooring locations. Our rug experts will be more than happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.