Where do I start?

The fact that you are on the Choices Flooring website is a great start! We pride ourselves in knowing how to decorate from the floor up, so you’ve come to the right place.

All our products are chosen to cater for all Australian homes where décor, foot traffic and budgets are essential considerations in the renovating process.

Our website provides you with the ability to filter our 3,000+ flooring and window furnishings options by product category whether it be carpet, hard flooring, rugs, or window furnishings and by colour, price, and even what type of lifestyle you may fit into.

View all our products now and you have made a start.

I am time poor – help!

With the array of products available, it can be daunting to even start the process of buying new flooring or window furnishings. And being time poor doesn’t help. The website is a great start, especially being able to upload your Room images to RoomView to view flooring styles and colours you like in the comfort of your own home.

Simply go to RoomView and send your local store the images you create with your favourite flooring for a Free Measure & Quote.

Should I visit a store first?

Whilst our website offers a great overview of flooring and window furnishings options, visiting your local store is worthwhile. Being able to feel the texture of the carpets and the grains of hard flooring, using your senses in-store will really help you along the way.

And of course, speaking face to face to our Choices Flooring consultants is the best advice you will get. Some of our staff have been in the flooring industry for decades, so they really know their stuff, and some are even interior decorator accredited. Check to see where your local Choices Flooring store is located.

What is involved in a FREE Measure & Quote?

Your local Choices Flooring consultant will visit your home and undertake a FREE measure for the areas where flooring or window furnishings are required. It is essential that a professional Choices Flooring consultant undertakes measuring to ensure accuracy.

They are also aware of any anomalies such as pattern matches for some flooring options which most don’t understand. Most consultants will bring a range of samples to the home to showcase different options. It is advisable to keep the samples for a day or so to see how natural light during the day, and artificial light affects the colour over a 24 hour period.

The consultant will also inspect your existing flooring condition which assists in the installation process. Depending on the conditions, floor preparation may be required.

After the measuring and site inspection has been completed, some flooring consultants can provide a quote on the spot. Occasionally the flooring consultant may take a couple of days to supply a quote, pending stock availability, floor preparation and other installation components.

Generally, you will receive a quote within 24 – 48 hours of the initial measure and quote.

How quickly can I get a consultant to quote?

Depending on the time of year and how busy the store is, you can get a quote quickly, if you know what flooring you have decided on and both parties are free at the same time then it can be as quickly as 1 – 2 days.

Use our Measure & Quote booking form to request a date and time. Your local Choices Flooring store will get back to your ASAP.

Flooring measurements explained

Carpet is measured in the old metric of Linear or ‘Broadloom’ metres – rather than square metres. A broadloom refers to the width of the loom which in most cases is 3.66 metres. However, in order to use a comparison to hard flooring which is sold in square metres, carpet is converted into square metres.

To work out how to work out flooring measurements for your project, view our video.

What carpet fibre would best suit my home?

From carpet’s humble beginnings as wool-only luxury to today’s plethora of options, you’ll be sure to find the carpet fibre that’s just right for you. Whether you want all-natural fibres, or would prefer the latest technology offering that soft, quiet and yet durable, your home will beam with its new, cosy addition.

When we invest in new floors, it’s a labour of love - we’re creating the perfect home for our family. But no two families are the same. Some of us prefer the quiet, luxurious life, whereas others see a parade of dirty feet dash past us hundreds of times a day. When it comes to choosing your carpet fibre, it’s important to consider what type of family you are and exactly what you want from your carpet.

So what type of family home are you creating? And what type of look and feel do you want? To help you decide, we’ve explored all of our carpet fibres below, including detailed explanations of the features we know matter to you.


What is wool carpet?

Visibly cosy, oh-so-soft to touch and a great natural insulator, wool carpet has long been the preferred choice for families in Australia and throughout the world.

Made from 100% pure natural wool, wool carpets are also a sustainable choice.

Why should I choose wool carpet?

Wool is the ultimate luxury when it comes to carpet. In winter, its supreme softness and warmth both feel delicious and help us keep our energy bills down. In summer, the natural acids found in the fibre help stop the growth of mould and mildew, making it ideal for hot days or warmer, more humid climates.

Wool carpet is also very durable. The natural waxy film on the fibre helps repel moisture, including spills and soling.

The cosiness and performance of wool carpet makes it ideal for families with small children who are just learning to crawl or walk.

Where is wool carpet suitable for?

Wool carpet suits most any room of the house. It will look great and wear well in your hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, dining room or on staircases.

View our Windsor Wool, Temuka and Hycraft carpet ranges.


What are nylon and solution dyed nylon carpets?

Soft, yet highly durable and exceptionally stain-resistant, nylon and solution dyed nylon carpets are superior in performance.

What are the benefits of nylon and solution dyed nylon carpets?

They are created to last. They’re top performing when it comes to longevity and their ability to withstand wear and tear.

The fibres within nylon carpets also have good elasticity. What this means is that even if they get a lot of love from various people, animals or items of furniture within the house, they’ll still be able to retain their beautiful shape.

They are colourfast, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant, making cleaning a breeze.

Where is nylon carpet suitable for?

Given its durability, nylon is a great carpet choice for busy households. It works well in your hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or on staircases. It’s great for rentals too!

View our extensive ranges:

The Harlow Collection
Stainmaster(R) Solar Max



What are synthetic carpets?

Created from man-made or a combination of fibres, synthetic carpets feel and look beautiful but are also durable and resilient.

What are the benefits of synthetic carpets?

Soft and quiet, yet at the same time affordable and resilient, synthetic carpets are a worthy competitor for wool carpets. They have slightly different benefits depending on the type you choose:

Triexta: Triexta carpet is soft, nearly-natural option for those who don’t want a purely synthetic carpet. Made from renewable, natural cane sugar, Triexta and Triexta Soft feel luxurious but are also highly resistant to staining, wear and tear..

Polypropylene: Polypropylene and Advanced Technology Polypropylene are affordable, high- performing carpets. They’re exceptionally strong, making them a great choice for rumpus rooms or playrooms, as well as rental properties.

Polyester (PET): Polyester carpets are beautifully soft and comfortable - softer than both nylon and polypropylene. Many people can’t tell the difference between polyester and wool carpets and for good reason! Polyester carpets are as easy on the eye as they are on the feet, while still having exceptional fade and stain resistance properties.

Where is synthetic carpet suitable for?

Synthetic carpets go where you go, and that is to say - anywhere! They’ll suit hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or staircases, and can work well in rental properties as well.

View our Eternity Inception, Haven and eco+ carpet ranges

What carpet style will best suit my home?

Is your home a haven of activity or a sanctuary of calm? Is durability more important to you, or is luxurious softness at the top of your agenda? Read on to discover what carpet styles might best suit you.

When most of us think of carpet, what comes to mind is the lush, toe-tickling softness we feel when we first walk on it, or the cosiness it will create when we’re rugged up on the couch in winter. While carpet definitely delivers on these qualities, we need to balance them with reality - our homes are there to be lived in! This means that qualities such as durability play an equally important part in our final decision.

What look do you want to create with your carpet? What other features are important in your home? To help you decide, we’ve explored all our carpet styles below, including detailed explanations of the features we know matter to you.


What is loop carpet?

Elegant yet durable, loop carpet is a great choice if you want carpet that will look good and stand the test of time. We create loop carpet by threading individuals fibres through the carpet backing and then looping them over.

Why should I choose loop carpet?

As one of our sturdiest carpets, loop carpet is a must for any home or property that sees a lot of wear and tear. That said, it’s still possible (and indeed, likely!), that you’ll be able to create your perfect look with this timeless style.

Loop carpet is not only sturdy, it’s also resilient. The looped fibres in this style don’t crush or shift easily, meaning that they won’t show footprint or vacuuming imprints.

Finally, if you’re worried about maintenance with your carpet then choose loop - it’s easy to clean! The loops in the carpet mean that spills sit on the surface so they’re less likely to soak in.

Where is loop carpet suitable for?

Inside the house, loop carpet is perfect for heavy traffic areas, including hallways, living rooms and staircases.

Overall, it’s great for busy households, commercial projects or even rental properties.


What is plush carpet?

Soft, sleek and luxurious, if you’re looking for sophistication, go plush! We make plush carpet by adding together hundreds of closely tufted strands, giving it a velvety feel.

Why should I choose plush carpet?

Plush is the ultimate in super-soft and cosy carpet. It not only feels great, but it looks great too - strands reflect the light in different ways to create texture and depth.

For those wanting the luxury look, plush carpet can show footprint marks.

Plush might be luxurious, but it’s also practical. It can be spot cleaned to prevent staining as it has a protective fibre that delays spills from soaking in. Plush’s dense fibres also repel dirt.

Where is plush carpet suitable for?

Plush carpet works perfectly in areas of the house where there’s less traffic, such as bedrooms or formal dining rooms.

It’s best suited to more formal homes.


What is twist carpet?

Twist carpet is the perfect choice for those that want a stylish, yet resilient alternative. The reason that it’s so resilient is because we make it by twisting fibres together.

Why should I choose twist carpet?

Twist carpet has an intriguing textured look that looks great in just about any home. It’s the perfect blend of an overall smooth feeling, yet not so smooth that it shows every indent.

Footprints and vacuuming marks are masked well by the texture within twist carpet.

That same texturing also means that twist carpet is good to clean! It hides soling and lint specks.

Where is twist carpet suitable for?

Twist carpet will look great and last well in medium to heavy traffic areas of your home, including hallways, living rooms and staircases.

It’s suitable for most houses or commercial projects.


What is textured carpet?

Textured carpet is style meets visual intrigue. For this type of carpet, we combine loop with plush fibres to create a dazzling variety of patterns.

Why should I choose textured carpet?

If you want to add something a bit different to your home, while at the same time giving the illusion of space, choose textured carpet. You’ll adore the vast array of options that will suit just about any room or home.

The patterns in textured carpet mean that it’s less likely to show footprint or vacuuming impressions.

Where is twist carpet suitable for?

Textured carpet is perfect for medium-heavy traffic areas of your home, including hallways, living rooms or staircases.

It’s also great for most houses or commercial properties.

Is underlay important to consider?

At Choices Flooring we sell a wide range of underlays that come in either foam or rubber. Both have their own unique features and benefits of which your local store can advise you of.

The higher the quality of underlay the more luxurious it will feel under your feet. Don't be afraid to ask to try a sample under the carpet of choice when you are in-store. The thicker the underlay, the more support it will give your new carpet and the quieter it will make your home, especially in second floor installations and on staircases.

Can I keep my existing underlay?

We recommend that you change your underlay if you are replacing your existing carpet. Underlay wears as the carpet wears, leaving it with the wear patterns of the old carpet. It is important to note that a manufacturer may void a carpets warranty if laid on old underlay.

What are the differences in hard flooring options?

There are four different types of hard flooring on offer at Choices Flooring – Timber, Laminate, Luxury Vinyl and our newest innovative flooring, Rigid.

Timber flooring is known for its timeless look, its aesthetics giving a classic and enduring feel that is hard to beat.

Laminate flooring provides the perfect combination of style, functionality and affordability, having the look and feel of real wood but for a fraction of the price.

Luxury Vinyl looks like a real timber floor but is very low maintenance. It is also easy to install, warm to touch and quiet, perfect for any family home.

Rigid flooring combines the best characteristics of laminate and Luxury Vinyl flooring. It also has the appearance of real timber, but without the maintenance involved.

Which is the best hard flooring option?

It really comes down to the requirements of your household and the lifestyle you live.

Busy households where anything will be thrown at the floor whether its by kids or pets, Luxury Vinyl and Laminate flooring options are perfect for the typical family household.

Affordable, durable and hard wearing, these flooring solutions are long lasting and provide peace of mind for many years to come whilst not compromising on style. Both hard flooring options have an excellent selection of timber look styles that suit any interior.

Our Rigid flooring is the latest in flooring innovation. Combining the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl flooring, with the appearance of real timber, Rigid is 100% waterproof so can be used throughout the entire home.

If its a natural, unique floor you have in mind, then it's very hard to go past timber flooring. A little more expensive than the other hard flooring options, timber floors have a stunning appearance and can be a true statement in any home.

Does Choices Flooring sell any products other than flooring?

Choices Flooring sell a large range of plantation shutters and blinds as well as the latest in designer rugs. Rugs are now available to buy online.

Individual stores may sell other products such as tile and bamboo flooring.

Does Choices Flooring cater to all budgets?

Choices Flooring is the leading flooring retailer in Australia with over 140 stores throughout Australasia. Our product offering ranges from inexpensive options to higher end, catering to projects from renovating investment properties to a total dream home renovation that requires the best of everything in furnishings, including blinds and shutters.

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