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Multi Functionality for the Guest Room Floors

A spare room in any home is a space that oozes versatility and needs to thrive on multi-purpose use. When it comes to flooring your guest room, it is worth considering a flooring option that makes the room multi-purpose and maximises your investment.

When it comes to flooring ideas for guest rooms, you really should consider a timber hardwood or bamboo flooring option. Solid timber floors add a lush luxury feel to a spare room to elevate your guests to thinking they have checked into a boutique hotel! Timber floors do give you a very modern sleek look and can be good for a spare room that doesn’t see a lot of traffic and doesn’t require constant cleaning. One consideration for a hardwood timber floor is that there is insulation. If you live in colder climate areas in Australia, you may wish to add a nice rug so your guests enjoy softness underfoot.

Bamboo flooring is an affordable alternative to hardwood which is very savvy for the eco-friendly buyer. Bamboo is a pest repellent flooring option that requires no pesticides maintaining its organic title. Bamboo flooring is water resistant and comes in a variety of exciting natural finishes, creating a relaxing retreat for your guests to enjoy. Bamboo flooring is stylish and robust, particularly when suitcases are moving in and out of the guest room. With bamboo flooring, any wear or blemish can be easily refinished again to give your guest room floor a fresh new look with minimal effort.

Guests may not arrive every week so being cost conscious is wise. If you were not aware, laminate flooring is a very affordable, user friendly alternative, to timber flooring or carpet. Laminate originates from pressed fibers and/or wood particles and Choices Flooring have a range of engineered laminate flooring that has colors of timber including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Brushbox and more.

While carpet may be the obvious choices for a guest room, we suggest this flooring option is given due consideration. Carpet retains the dust and dirt and if the room is being inhabited infrequently, it will add the extra burden of cleaning it constantly. Locking yourself into carpet reduces the ability of your spare room’s use. Ultimately, carpet does provide a soft warm feeling to a spare room but it’s not as versatile as other flooring options and will require increased upkeep.

There are other considerations for your guest room to consider. Is it a sole purpose guest room or multi-purpose room? Are you looking for comfort and cosiness or are you looking for a space that will see physical impact with the floor? Before choosing a floor, think about what other functionality your spare room may have when guests are not staying over.